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Relive the silver screen: Hedy Lemarr

Welcome to the next blog in our ''Relive The Silver Screen'' series - where we help you recreate some of the most classic, well-known outfits worn by some of the most beautiful women on the silver screen.

Those of you who do not know the contentious and exquisite screen siren Hedy Lemarr, get ready to have your mind blown!

She was the goddess of 1940's film, starring in pictures like "Samson and Delilah", "Boom Town" and "Tortilla Flat" to mention but a few. Her co-stars were that of Clarke Gable and Spencer Tracy. Hedy Lemarr was also a celebrated scientist who played an integral role in co-inventing an early technique for "spread spectrum" technology. This is key in most of the wireless technology that we use today.

The Austrian actress was celebrated in a myriad of aspects, one of which was her impeccable style - which was as controversial as it was fashion forward!

Even though she is best known for her more provocative looks, we have decided to choose a more classy and conservative Hedy for this edition of our "Relive The Silver Screen" series.

Hers is the kind of look that makes people re-evaluate their own wardrobes - simple, sophisticated but still fun, fresh and ladylike.

Every good outfit is built like a house - it needs a solid foundation - so use an elegant yet contemporary midi skirt (like this one we found from Asos) as your base from which to build a solid and stylish look.

Pair the skirt with a casual shirt like this from Tiger of Sweden for a touch of class. Choose luxurious materials such as silk which is a versatile style option.

A scarf can change the dimensions of any look, making it more textural and rich. It is a timeless investment for one's wardrobe as it transcends seasonal fads and trends. This white one is also from Tiger of Sweden and is a great option.

No outfit is complete without great accessories. Get Hedy's look right here at Amanda Appleby for the ultimate finishing touch.

Hedy Lemarr was most often cast as a glamorous seductress of exciting origins, and is the woman many critics and fans alike regard as the most beautiful ever to appear on film. She exhibited a style that was unique and expressed the fashions of the time better than most of her fellow actresses.

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