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Modern Mariana Bracelet With Beads And PasteModern Mariana BraceletR 2,765 Silver Modern Heart Bracelet With MarcasiteSilver Heart BraceletR 1,475 Silver Modern Bracelet With CarnelianSilver Modern Bracelet R 3,685 Silver Retro Mid 20th Century BraceletSilver Retro BraceletR 6,525 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Gate BraceletGold Victorian BraceletR 19,400 Modern Gilt BraceletGilt Modern BraceletR 725 Modern Silver Bracelet With AmberSilver Modern BraceletR 1,575 Vintage Costume Bracelet With PasteVintage Costume BraceletR 1,035 Solid Silver Retro Vintage Mexican Bracelet In A Daisy DesignSilver Retro BraceletR 4,445 Modern Silver Gilt Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt BraceletR 3,785 Modern Mariana Bracelet With PasteModern Mariana BraceletR 1,075 Silver Gilt Vintage Filigree Bracelet With Grey AgateVintage Filigree BraceletR 6,985 Faux Pearl Vintage Bracelet With Silver And Marcasite ClaspVintage BraceletR 655 Bakelite Art Deco BraceletArt Deco BraceletR 2,485 Gilt Vintage Bracelet With Glass PasteGilt Vintage BraceletR 1,785 Retro Silver BraceletSilver Retro BraceletR 5,985 Modern Bracelet With Faux PearlsModern BraceletR 785 Gilt Mesh 1950's Retro Bracelet With The Palest Blue PasteGilt Mesh Retro BraceletR 2,085 Silver Stylised Retro BraceletSilver Retro BraceletR 4,575 Modern Bracelet With PasteModern BraceletR 1,285 Silver Gilt Vintage Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt BraceletR 7,975 18ct Yellow Gold Vintage Bracelet With Fine FiligreeGold Vintage BraceletR 8,385 Silver Retro Vintage Mari-Lou BraceletSilver Retro BraceletR 4,985 Silver Retro Bracelet With Faux OpalsSilver Retro BraceletR 2,975 Silver Retro Bracelet With Genuine Semi Precious StonesSilver Retro BraceletR 1,985 Silver And Abalone Retro Mexican Taxco BraceletRetro Taxco BraceletR 1,585 Silver Modern Link BraceletSilver Modern BraceletR 315 Silver Modern Tennis Bracelet With Cubic ZirconiasSilver Modern BraceletR 1,835 Silver Vintage Bracelet With Shell CameosSilver Vintage BraceletR 4,685 Silver Modern Bracelet With MarcasiteSilver Modern BraceletR 2,585 Modern Mariana BraceletModern Mariana BraceletR 2,085 Gilt Modern BraceletGilt Modern BraceletR 385 Silver Modern Bracelet With Pineapple Cut Smoky QuartzSilver Modern BraceletR 4,085 Silver Modern Bracelet With PeridotSilver Modern BraceletR 1,675 Silver Modern Bracelet With AmethystsSilver Modern BraceletR 1,985 Chrome Art Deco Bracelet With Peking Glass And MarcasiteChrome Art Deco BraceletR 2,485 Silver Modern Bracelet With Lapis LazuliSilver Modern BraceletR 3,985 Silver Retro Heavy BraceletSilver Retro BraceletR 5,985 Silver Vintage Snake Chain BraceletSilver Vintage BraceletR 3,835 Silver Gilt Oriental Bracelet With Carnelian And ChalcedonyVintage Oriental BraceletR 6,585
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