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9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Dolphin Charm With EnamelGold Vintage CharmR 495 Silver Vintage Charm With Arms Astride And Wrapped In FabricSilver Vintage CharmR 265  1930's Silver American Coin Charm With A Buffalo And An Indian 1930's Silver Coin CharmR 130 14ct Yellow Gold Modern Engraved Charm With Mother And ChildGold Modern CharmR 895 9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Yacht CharmGold Vintage Yacht CharmR 665 9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Teddy Bear Charm / PendantGold Vintage CharmR 1,795 Silver Modern Handbag Purse Charm With CubicsSilver Handbag CharmR 545 14ct Rose Gold Vintage Chinese Fu Pendant / CharmGold Pendant/CharmR 3,495 Silver Gilt Vintage Articulated Fish Charm With TurquoiseVintage Fish CharmR 895 9ct Gold Vintage Portuguese Rooster Charm With EnamelVintage Rooster CharmR 745 9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Elephant Charm With EnamelVintage Elephant CharmR 495 Bone Vintage Rabbit CharmBone Vintage Rabbit CharmR 345 Silver Vintage Saint Christopher CharmSilver Vintage CharmR 575 Silver Gilt Vintage Bird CharmVintage Bird CharmR 285 9ct Gold Vintage Silhouette CharmGold Vintage CharmR 565 9ct Gold Vintage Mechanical Windmill CharmGold Vintage CharmR 1,295 9ct Yellow Gold Vintage "Gemini" CharmGold Vintage CharmR 1,295 9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Swiss Cow Bell Charm With EnamelSwiss Cow Bell CharmR 575 Silver Modern Saint Christopher CharmSaint Christopher CharmR 395 9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Saint Christopher CharmSaint Christopher CharmR 1,465 14ct Gold Vintage Buddah CharmGold Vintage Buddah CharmR 1,835 Vintage Saint Christopher CharmVintage CharmR 165 Vintage Silver Saint Christopher CharmSilver Vintage CharmR 425 Vintage Heart Pendant / CharmVintage Pendant/CharmR 145 Vintage Charm With PasteVintage CharmR 145 Silver Vintage Spoon CharmSilver Vintage CharmR 275 Vintage Canadian Charm With Pop Out EyesVintage Canadian CharmR 195 Modern Silver African CharmSilver Modern CharmR 155 9ct Yellow Gold Modern African CharmGold African CharmR 1,265 Silver Modern Fruit Charm BraceletSilver Modern BraceletR 875 Silver Modern Buffalo Charm From AfricaSilver Buffalo CharmR 155 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Charm / PendantVictorian Charm/PendantR 1,395 Modern Charm NecklaceModern Charm NecklaceR 525 Enamel Vintage Heart Pendant / Charm With CloisonnéHeart Pendant / CharmR 635 9ct Yellow Gold Modern Elephant Charm9ct Gold Elephant CharmR 1,885 Enamel Vintage CharmEnamel Vintage CharmR 65 Silver Modern African CharmSilver African CharmR 155 Silver Vintage Ethnic Pendant With Rose QuartzSilver Vintage PendantR 1,575 Silver Vintage Bird CharmSilver Vintage CharmR 465 9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Thimble Charm9ct Gold Thimble CharmR 535
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