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9ct Rose Gold Edwardian Suffragette Ball And Chain BroochGold Edwardian BroochR 3,445 Silver Gilt Edwardian CrossEdwardian CrossR 2,880 Leather And Silver Edwardian ''Asprey'' WalletLeather And Silver WalletR 1,895 Silver And Leather Edwardian Book of Common PrayerEdwardian BibleR 1,365 15ct Gold Edwardian Brooch With A Synthetic RubyGold Edwardian BroochR 1,665 Gold Edwardian Etruscan Style Brooch With Rubies And A PearlGold Edwardian BroochR 2,495 18ct Yellow Gold Edwardian Ring With Rubies And DiamondsGold Edwardian RingR 9,245 Silver Edwardian Shirt StudsSilver Shirt StudsR 2,885 9ct Gold Edwardian Pendant With Amethyst And PearlsGold Edwardian PendantR 10,695 Silver Gilt Edwardian Dragonfly Brooch With PasteEdwardian BroochR 1,445 15ct Gold Edwardian Brooch With Rubies And DiamondsGold Edwardian BroochR 3,895 Gold Edwardian Stick Pin With A PearlGold Edwardian Stick PinR 365 9ct Rose Gold Edwardian Brooch9ct Gold Edwardian BroochR 2,485 9ct Gold Edwardian Necklace With AmethystsEdwardian NecklaceR 5,895 9ct Rose Gold Edwardian Bug Brooch With Aquamarine And Pearls9ct Gold Edwardian BroochR 3,795 Gold And Silver Edwardian Necklace With Diamonds And PearlsEdwardian Necklace R 4,995 Gold Edwardian Necklace With Sapphires, Rubies And A Diamond15ct Gold NecklaceR 9,985 Silver And Gold Edwardian Acrostic BroochEdwardian Acrostic BroochR 2,395 9ct Gold Edwardian Brooch With Paste9ct Gold Edwardian BroochR 865 Gold Edwardian Etruscan Style Brooch With Diamond And RubiesGold Edwardian Brooch R 2,495
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