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Category - Fobs Seals Swivels

Gold Cased Antique Victorian Ornate Seal With Rock CrystalGold Cased Victorian SealR 4,585 Silver Vintage Swivel With Genuine StonesSilver Vintage SwivelR 1,795 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Swivel With Bloodstone And AgateGold Victorian SwivelR 4,695 Gold Cased Victorian Seal With AgateVictorian SealR 4,295 Silver Victorian Seal With BloodstoneSilver Victorian SealR 3,895 9ct Rose Gold Seal With BloodstoneGold SealR 3,400 Gold Cased Victorian SealGold Cased Victorian SealR 1,650 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Swivel With Bloodstone9ct Gold Victorian SwivelR 4,485 Gold Plated Victorian Swivel With Etched OnyxVictorian SwivelR 1,885 Gilt Vintage Seal And Jump RingGilt Vintage SealR 1,795 Gold Victorian Swivel With Bloodstone, White Agate And A BirdGold Victorian SwivelR 3,845 Gold Victorian Round Swivel With Bloodstone And White AgateGold Victorian SwivelR 3,695 Silver Gilt Standing Seal With A Pink Stone And LionSilver Gilt SealR 1,995 9ct Yellow Gold Fob With BloodstoneGold Fob With BloodstoneR 3,995
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