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15ct Yellow Gold Victorian Necklace With Garnets And PearlsGold Victorian NecklaceR 5,930 Vintage 9ct Rose Gold Ring With GarnetsGold Vintage RingR 3,875 Silver Gilt Modern Necklace With GarnetsSilver Gilt NecklaceR 3,650 Modern Silver Gilt Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt BraceletR 3,695 Silver Modern Necklace With GarnetsSilver NecklaceR 1,495 Silver Gilt Vintage Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt BraceletR 7,885 Silver Modern Pendant With GarnetsSilver Modern PendantR 785 Modern Silver Pendant With GarnetsSilver Modern PendantR 685 9ct Gold Modern Pendant Set With A Garnet9ct Gold Modern PendantR 3,895 Silver Gilt Modern Drop Hook Earrings With GarnetsSilver Gilt Hook EarringsR 1,865 9ct Yellow Gold Modern Pendant With Garnets9ct Gold Modern PendantR 1,995 Gold Victorian Brooch / Pendant With Almandine GarnetsVictorian Brooch/PendantR 4,495 Silver Gilt Modern Pendant With GarnetsModern PendantR 1,385 Silver Gilt Modern Hook Drop Earrings With GarnetsModern Hook Drop EarringsR 2,395 Yellow And White Gold Stud Earrings With Garnets And Diamonds9ct Gold Stud EarringsR 3,695 Silver Modern Cross With GarnetsSilver Modern CrossR 440 Silver Modern Hook Earrings With GarnetsSilver Hook EarringsR 525 Silver Gilt Modern Classic Necklace With GarnetsModern NecklaceR 4,495 Silver Gilt Modern Necklace With GarnetsModern NecklaceR 3,795 Silver Gilt Modern Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt Bracelet R 3,595 Pendant With Peridot, Garnet, Topaz, Citrine And Amethyst9ct Gold Modern PendantR 1,995 Silver Modern Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Modern BraceletR 1,440 9ct Yellow Gold Modern Ring With Garnets9ct Gold Modern RingR 8,390 Gold Victorian Ring With GarnetGold Victorian RingR 5,995 Silver Bracelet With Garnets, Citrine And PeridotSilver Bracelet R 5,295 9ct White Gold Modern Pendant With Garnet And DiamondsGold Modern PendantR 6,895
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