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Modern Necklace With A Shell Heart Pendant And Glass BeadsModern NecklaceR 395 Vintage Knotted Necklace With Luminous Pink Glass BeadsVintage Knotted NecklaceR 3,985 Modern Fashion NecklaceModern Fashion NecklaceR 965 Modern Necklace With Glass Beads And CharmsModern NecklaceR 1,295 Gilt Modern Drop Stud Earrings With Glass Beads And PasteGilt Modern Stud EarringsR 445 Glass Art Deco Czechoslovakian NecklaceGlass Art Deco NecklaceR 2,795 Sommerso And Aventurina Murano Vintage NecklaceVintage NecklaceR 4,485 Vintage Murano Wedding Cake Clip On EarringsVintage Clip On EarringsR 445 Vintage Brooch With Glass BeadsVintage BroochR 995 Art Deco Necklace With Glass And Faux PearlsArt Deco NecklaceR 3,295 1950's Choker Necklace1950's Choker NecklaceR 695 Necklace With Fish And Glass BeadsFish NecklaceR 695 Glass Retro Italian Light FittingRetro Light FittingR 5,295 Glass Retro Scandinavian Light FittingRetro Light FittingR 5,685 Chrome And Glass 1970's Italian Light Fitting1970's Light FittingR 7,985 1960's Retro Italian Light Fitting 1960's Light Fitting R 7,395 Silver Modern Cross With Marcasite And GlassSilver Modern CrossR 695 Silver And Glass 1930's NecklaceSilver 1930's NecklaceR 3,675 1930's Necklace With Glass Beads1930's NecklaceR 985 Glass Retro Danish Light FittingRetro Light FittingR 6,800 Gilt 1930's Bracelet With Glass StonesGilt 1930's BraceletR 2,695 Glass BraceletGlass BraceletR 395 1950's Bracelet With White Glass Beads1950's Bracelet R 95 Gilt And Glass Vintage BraceletVintage BraceletR 2,395 Glass Modern Lilac BraceletGlass Modern BraceletR 295 Glass Modern BraceletGlass Modern BraceletR 195 Art Deco Glass BraceletGlass Art Deco BraceletR 1,695 Art Deco Glass Bead NecklaceGlass Art Deco NecklaceR 1,695 Gilt Vintage Pendant With Millefiori Type Glass1960's Gilt PendantR 795 Art Deco Crystal Bead NecklaceArt Deco NecklaceR 1,595 Brass Necklace With Glass BeadsBrass & Glass NecklaceR 795 Necklace With Faux Turquoise Glass BeadsGlass NecklaceR 595 1950's Banana Necklace With Glass Beads 1950's Glass NecklaceR 1,395 Vintage Necklace With Black Glass BeadsVintage NecklaceR 995 1950's Necklace With Glass Faux Pearls1950's Glass NecklaceR 2,295 Gilt Necklace With White Glass BeadsGilt & Glass NecklaceR 895 1950's Necklace With Lemon-Coloured Glass Beads1950's Glass NecklaceR 695 Necklace With Red Glass BeadsRed Glass Beads NecklaceR 295 Necklace With Luminous Glass BeadsNecklace with Glass BeadsR 795 Necklace With Pink Glass BeadsGlass NecklaceR 895
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