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Yellow Gold Modern Stud Earrings With CitrinesGold Stud EarringsR 3,990 Silver Modern Pendant With OnyxSilver Pendant With OnyxR 545 Modern Fashion Stud Earrings With CrystalsModern Stud EarringsR 465 Modern Amber NecklaceModern Amber NecklaceR 1,990 Modern Necklace With Faux Turquoise And PasteModern NecklaceR 1,195 Necklace With Glass Beads And Pewter CharmsModern NecklaceR 995 Silver Modern Cross With CitrineSilver Modern CrossR 390 Modern Mariana Bracelet With Beads And PasteModern Mariana BraceletR 2,765 9ct Yellow Gold Modern Stud EarringsGold Modern EarringsR 760 Silver Modern Giraffe CharmSilver Modern CharmR 245 Silver Modern Heart Bracelet With MarcasiteSilver Heart BraceletR 1,475 Hoop Stud Modern Silver EarringsSilver Stud EarringsR 1,035 Modern Silver Pendant With A Genuine StoneSilver Modern PendantR 2,485 Silver Gilt Modern Necklace With GarnetsSilver Gilt NecklaceR 3,740 Modern Hook Star Poggi Paris Earrings With PasteModern Star EarringsR 1,855 Modern Silver Opening Oval LocketSilver Modern LocketR 785 Silver Modern Bracelet With CarnelianSilver Modern Bracelet R 3,685 Silver Modern Stud Earrings With MarcasiteSilver Stud EarringsR 1,025 Modern Silver Ring With CitrinesSilver Modern RingR 1,985 Silver Modern Opening Floral LocketSilver Modern LocketR 785 9ct Yellow Gold Modern African Cheetah CharmGold Cheetah CharmR 1,585 Modern Gilt BraceletGilt Modern BraceletR 725 Silver Modern Cuff BangleSilver Modern Cuff BangleR 1,985 Necklace With A Shell Pendant And Glass BeadsModern NecklaceR 485 Crystal Modern PendantCrystal Modern PendantR 885 Modern Silver Bracelet With AmberSilver Modern BraceletR 1,575 Modern Floral Shiny Black NecklaceModern Floral NecklaceR 635 Gold Modern Engraved Charm With Mother And ChildGold Modern CharmR 985 Modern Silver Gilt Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt BraceletR 3,785 Modern Drop Hook Earrings With Crystal BeadsModern Drop Hook EarringsR 565 Modern Mariana Bracelet With PasteModern Mariana BraceletR 1,075 Modern Silver Necklace With Blue TopazSilver Modern NecklaceR 2,065 Modern Silver Cross With IoliteSilver Modern CrossR 785 Silver Modern Pendant With Rose QuartzSilver Modern PendantR 2,785 Modern Necklace With Shimmery Pink BeadsModern NecklaceR 825 Silver Modern Drop Hook Earrings With IoliteSilver Drop Hook EarringsR 875 Modern Necklace With Amber-Coloured PasteModern NecklaceR 885 Silver Modern Necklace With GarnetsSilver NecklaceR 1,585 Modern Fashion NecklaceModern Fashion NecklaceR 1,055 Modern Amethyst NecklaceModern Amethyst NecklaceR 675
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