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Gold Plated Vintage Brooch With Red PasteVintage BroochR 725 Modern Necklace With Faux Turquoise And PasteModern NecklaceR 1,195 Modern Mariana Bracelet With Beads And PasteModern Mariana BraceletR 2,765 Vintage Necklace With Ice Cream Coloured Paste Vintage NecklaceR 1,170 Modern Hook Star Poggi Paris Earrings With PasteModern Star EarringsR 1,855 Vintage Clip On Up-The-Ear Earrings With PasteVintage Clip On Earrings R 1,985 Vintage Costume Bracelet With PasteVintage Costume BraceletR 1,035 Modern Mariana Bracelet With PasteModern Mariana BraceletR 1,075 Vintage Celestial Clip On Earrings With PasteVintage Clip On EarringsR 2,585 Modern Necklace With Amber-Coloured PasteModern NecklaceR 885 Gilt Vintage Set With PasteGilt Vintage SetR 2,585 Drop Stud Earrings With Glass Beads And PasteGilt Modern Stud EarringsR 535 Modern Bracelet With PasteModern BraceletR 1,285 Vintage 1980's Long Clip On Earrings With PasteVintage Clip On EarringsR 2,485 Vintage Askew Star Clip On Earrings With PasteVintage Clip On EarringsR 2,085 Modern Drop Hook Earrings With PasteModern Drop Hook EarringsR 510 Gilt 1950's Clip On Earrings With Coloured Paste1950's Clip On EarringsR 625 Modern Stud Drop Earrings With PasteModern Stud Drop EarringsR 785 Gilt Vintage Dress Clip With Coloured PasteGilt Vintage Dress ClipR 575 Edwardian Dragonfly Brooch With PasteEdwardian BroochR 1,535 Modern Stud Earrings With Black And White PasteModern Stud EarringsR 485 Vintage Stick Pin With Paste And Faux PearlsVintage Stick PinR 455 Gilt Vintage Clip On Drop Earrings With PasteVintage Clip On EarringsR 725 Vintage Charm With PasteVintage CharmR 235 Gold Victorian Hexagonal Locket With PasteGold Victorian LocketR 3,585 Gilt 1980's Clip On Earrings With PasteGilt 1980's EarringsR 1,985 Vintage Necklace With PasteVintage 1950's NecklaceR 1,685 1950's Vintage Necklace With Paste1950's NecklaceR 1,385 Modern Stud Drop Earrings With Rainbow PasteModern Stud Drop EarringsR 585 Gilt Vintage Bug Brooch With PasteGilt Vintage Bug BroochR 985 Silver Victorian Pendant With PasteSilver Victorian PendantR 3,875 Silver Victorian Brooch With PasteSilver Victorian BroochR 1,785 1950's Set With Paste And Faux Pearls1950's Set With PasteR 535 Modern Bold Ring With Coloured PasteModern Bold RingR 410 Gilt 1980's Scabbard Brooch With Coloured PasteGilt Scabbard BroochR 1,055 Gilt 1950's Bracelet With Topaz-Coloured PasteGilt 1950's BraceletR 2,240 Modern Hinged Bangle With PasteModern BangleR 750 Modern Brooch With Coloured PasteModern BroochR 280 Plastic Vintage Peacock Brooch With PasteVintage Peacock BroochR 655 Large Vintage Brooch With PasteLarge Vintage BroochR 2,285
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