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9ct Rose Gold Vintage Signet RingGold Vintage Signet RingR 2,500 Silver Vintage Chunky Puzzle RingSilver Vintage RingR 1,470 Silver Retro Ring With CoralSilver Retro RingR 3,585 Vintage Gold Ring With Sapphires And DiamondsGold Vintage RingR 24,000 Silver Vintage Bombe Ring With TurquoiseSilver Bombe RingR 4,045 Modern Silver Ring With CitrinesSilver Modern RingR 1,985 Sterling Silver Retro Heavy RingSilver Retro RingR 2,950 Silver Art Deco Ring With MarcasiteSilver Art Deco RingR 5,030 Gold Vintage Ring With A Pearl And DiamondWhite Gold Vintage RingR 4,685 18ct White Gold Vintage Half An Eternity RingGold Vintage RingR 7,555 Platinum And Gold Art Deco Ring With DiamondsArt Deco RingR 8,985 18ct White Gold Vintage Ring With A DiamondGold Vintage RingR 18,785 Modern Gold Ring With Diamonds And Blue TopazGold Modern RingR 3,785 9ct Gold Ring With Tanzanite And DiamondsGold Modern RingR 9,885 Vintage Gold Ring With Emerald And Diamonds18ct Gold Vintage RingR 13,765 Gold Victorian 5-Stone Ring With DiamondsGold Victorian RingR 30,085 Platinum And White Gold Ring With A DiamondVintage Diamond RingR 24,775 Silver Vintage Ring With A Tiger's Eye StoneSilver Vintage RingR 1,975 Gold Modern Ring With Citrines And DiamondsGold Modern Ring R 8,985 9ct Yellow Gold Retro Ring Gold Retro Ring R 5,685 Gold Modern Ring With An Amethyst And DiamondsGold Modern RingR 13,085 9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Ring With A DiamondGold Vintage RingR 1,785 18ct Yellow Gold Vintage Ring With AquamarineGold Vintage RingR 5,985 Art Deco Navette Ring With An Opal And DiamondsGold Art Deco RingR 11,955 Gold Edwardian Ring With Rubies And DiamondsGold Edwardian RingR 9,245 Gold Vintage Ring With Diamonds And Heart CharmsGold Vintage RingR 3,980 Gold Victorian Ring With Turquoise And DiamondsGold Victorian RingR 9,075 Vintage Gold Ring With Rubies And DiamondsGold Vintage RingR 9,895 Silver Vintage RingSilver Vintage RingR 725 Silver Retro Georges RingSilver Retro Georges RingR 2,985 Silver Modern Retro-Style RingSilver Retro-Style RingR 605 9ct White Gold Modern Ring With DiamondsGold Modern RingR 4,785 Silver Modern Ring With PeridotSilver Modern RingR 865 White Gold Ring With Sapphires And DiamondsGold Modern RingR 18,085 White Gold 1930's Art Deco Ring With DiamondsGold Art Deco RingR 18,040 Ring With Synthetic Sapphire And DiamondsVintage Solitaire RingR 8,875 White Gold Modern Ring Set With Pink SapphiresGold Modern RingR 7,885 18ct Yellow Gold Vintage Ring With Diamonds18ct Gold Vintage RingR 19,900 9ct Gold 1950's Retro Ring With Smoky QuartzGold 1950's RingR 5,585 9ct White And Yellow Gold Vintage Ring9ct Gold Vintage RingR 5,485
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