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Category - White Paste

Vintage Up-The-Ear Clip On Earrings With White PasteVintage Clip On EarringsR 2,485 Vintage 1950's 4-Strand Choker Necklace With Faux Pearls And White PasteVintage Choker NecklaceR 3,695 Vintage Clip On Drop Earrings With White Paste And Faux PearlsVintage Clip On EarringsR 2,395 Frosted Gilt Vintage Bracelet With White PasteGilt Vintage BraceletR 2,345 Rhodium Plated 50's Vintage Clip On Earrings With White Paste1950's Clip On EarringsR 1,085 Vintage Bracelet With White PasteVintage BraceletR 725 Silver Vintage Pearl Clasp With White PasteSilver Pearl ClaspR 395 Silver Vintage Clasp With PasteSilver Vintage ClaspR 395 Rhodium Plated Vintage Clasp With White PasteVintage ClaspR 395 1930's Hat Pins With White Paste1930's Hat PinsR 545 Silver Modern Stud Earrings With White PasteSilver Stud EarringsR 435 Vintage Clasp With White PasteVintage ClaspR 695 Leather And Silver Modern Set With White PasteLeather And Silver SetR 2,295 Plastic 1950's Bracelet With White PastePlastic 1950's BraceletR 995 Heart Necklace With White PasteHeart NecklaceR 595 Art Deco Pennino Clip On Earrings With White PasteArt Deco Clip On EarringsR 995 Vintage Long Tassel Clip On Earrings With White PasteClip On EarringsR 2,485
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