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14ct White Gold 1950's Vintage Ring With A Pearl14ct Gold 1950's RingR 5,085 1950's Floral Brooch With Coloured RhinestonesGilt Floral BroochR 585 9ct Gold 1950's Vintage Ring With An Amethyst9ct Gold 1950's RingR 3,970 Gilt 1950's Bracelet With Topaz-Coloured PasteGilt 1950's BraceletR 2,240 Chainmail 1950's Bow BroochChainmail 1950's BroochR 730 Gilt And Enamel 1950's Brooch1950's BroochR 385 9ct Gold 1950's Clip On Earrings9ct Gold 1950's Earrings R 4,755 Gilt 1950's Tie ClipGilt 1950's Tie ClipR 335 Silver And Butterfly Wings 1950's Brooch Silver 1950's Brooch R 1,640 18ct Yellow And White Gold 1950's Ring With DiamondsVintage Gold RingR 9,560 9ct Rose Gold 1950's Bow Brooch9ct Gold 1950's BroochR 2,985 1950's Bubble Necklace1950's Bubble NecklaceR 850 Silver 1950's Bling BraceletSilver 1950's BraceletR 3,490 1950's Coro Bracelet1950's Coro BraceletR 585 1950's Bracelet With Blue Paste1950's Bracelet R 870 Gold 50's Vintage Hearts And Bells Ring9ct Gold 1950's RingR 3,885 Plastic 1950's Bracelet With White PastePlastic 1950's BraceletR 1,085 Butterfly Wings BraceletButterfly Wings BraceletR 1,085 Gilt 1950's Bracelet With Green PasteGilt 1950's BraceletR 2,085 1950's Bracelet With White Glass Beads1950's Bracelet R 185 1950's Oriental-Inspired Bracelet1950's BraceletR 785 Gilt 1950's Cufflinks1950's CufflinksR 485 1950's Brooch With Beads1950's Brooch With BeadsR 585 1950's Horse And Carriage Brooch / WatchSilver Brooch / WatchR 4,785 Silver Flower Pendant / Watch With MarcasiteSilver Pendant / WatchR 3,985 1950's Hair Clip With Rhinestones1950's Hair ClipR 585 Silver 1950's Ballerina BroochSilver 1950's BroochR 565 Gilt 1950's Hand Mirror Brooch With PasteGilt 1950's BroochR 385 Umbrella / Parasol Brooch With Hanging PurseGilt 1950's BroochR 515 Gilt 1950's Set With RhinestonesGilt 1950's SetR 3,085 Plastic 1950's White Necklace1950's Plastic NecklaceR 1,785 Plastic 1950's Yellow Necklace 1950's Plastic NecklaceR 885 Plastic 1950's Pink Necklace1950's Plastic NecklaceR 685 1950's Necklace With Ice-Cream Coloured Beads1950's Plastic NecklaceR 1,085 Plastic 1950's Necklace With Lime-Coloured Beads1950's Plastic NecklaceR 215 1950's Necklace With Citrus-Coloured Beads1950's Plastic NecklaceR 485 1950's Necklace With Faux Pearls1950's NecklaceR 685 1950's Necklace With Glass Faux Pearls1950's Glass NecklaceR 2,385 1950's Necklace With Lemon-Coloured Glass Beads1950's Glass NecklaceR 785 1950's Necklace With Venetian Glass Beads1950's Italian NecklaceR 1,785
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