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9ct Gold Edwardian Brooch With Paste9ct Gold Edwardian BroochR 955 9ct Rose Gold 1950's Bow Brooch9ct Gold 1950's BroochR 2,985 9ct Rose Gold Vintage Brooch With A Carved Cameo9ct Gold Vintage BroochR 4,965 18ct White Gold Modern Cross With Topaz And Diamonds18ct Gold Modern CrossR 8,685 9ct Gold Modern Cross With Amethysts9ct Gold Modern CrossR 2,985 18ct Yellow Gold Cubed Charm With Turquoise18ct Gold Cubed Charm R 5,085 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Cross With Ivy Leaf9ct Gold Victorian CrossR 3,885 9ct Gold Cross9ct Gold CrossR 3,085 9ct Gold Fish Charm With Red Eyes9ct Gold Fish CharmR 4,785 18ct Yellow Gold Charm With Turquoise And A Pearl18ct Gold Charm R 5,685 9ct Yellow Gold 1970's Vintage Ring With Cubic Zirconia9ct Gold 1970's RingR 2,985 18ct Gold Vintage Ring With Diamonds, Sapphires And Rubies18ct Rose Gold Ring R 7,895 18ct White Gold 1980's Vintage Ring With Rubies And Diamonds18ct Gold 1980's RingR 36,995 9ct Yellow Gold Retro Ring With Pearls And Opals9ct Gold Retro RingR 5,085 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Buckle Ring With Engraving9ct Gold Victorian RingR 4,575 14ct Yellow Gold 1980's Vintage Ring With Diamonds14ct Gold 1980's Ring R 11,085 9ct White And Yellow Gold 50's Vintage Hearts And Bells Ring9ct Gold 1950's RingR 3,885 9ct Gold Vintage Ring With Jade9ct Gold Vintage RingR 4,085 9ct Yellow Gold Modern Ring With Garnets9ct Gold Modern RingR 8,480 9ct Yellow Gold Modern Ring With Opals9ct Gold RingR 4,585 9ct White Gold Modern Ring With Citrine And Diamonds9ct Gold Modern RingR 6,985 Gold Victorian Ring With GarnetGold Victorian RingR 6,085 9ct Yellow Gold Modern Ring With Rubies And Diamonds9ct Gold Modern RingR 4,465 18ct Yellow Gold Vintage Ring With Emerald And Diamonds18ct Yellow Gold RingR 17,985 Gold Victorian Swivel With Bloodstone, White Agate And A BirdGold Victorian SwivelR 3,935 Gold Victorian Round Swivel With Bloodstone And White AgateGold Victorian SwivelR 3,785 18ct Yellow Gold Vintage Ring With CameoGold Cameo RingR 5,885 Yellow Gold 1960's Retro Ring With Lapis Lazuli And Diamonds1960's Gold RingR 11,085 9ct Yellow Gold 1950's Pendant With Citrine1950's Gold PendantR 6,490 15ct Rose Gold Victorian Picture LocketGold Victorian LocketR 4,775 9ct Yellow Gold 1950's Screw On Earrings With Cameos1950's Screw On EarringsR 1,955 14ct Yellow And Rose Gold CufflinksGold CufflinksR 18,085 9ct Rose Gold Plain CrossGold Plain CrossR 2,435 9ct Yellow Gold Modern African Lion CharmGold Lion CharmR 2,255 9ct Yellow Gold Elephant Charm Gold Elephant CharmR 685 9ct Yellow Gold Victorian Anchor And Flower BroochGold Victorian BroochR 3,885 15ct Yellow Gold Victorian BroochGold Victorian BroochR 2,075 18ct Yellow Gold Vintage Ring With Green StoneGold RingR 13,085 18ct Yellow Gold Victorian BraceletGold Victorian BraceletR 17,985 Gold Edwardian Etruscan Style Brooch With Diamond And RubiesGold Edwardian Brooch R 2,495
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