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Vintage Egyptian BraceletVintage Egyptian BraceletR 1,140 African Bracelet With StonesAfrican BraceletR 310 Silver Gilt Vintage Filigree BraceletVintage BraceletR 3,685 Shell Bracelet With Faux PearlsShell Bracelet R 350 Silver Vintage Oriental BraceletSilver Oriental BraceletR 5,690 Bracelet With Faux Pearls And Mock MoonstonesVintage Bracelet R 1,285 Vintage Tropical-Coloured BraceletVintage BraceletR 1,085 Gold 1970's Vintage Ring With Cubic Zirconia9ct Gold 1970's RingR 2,985 Gold Ring With Diamonds, Sapphires And Rubies18ct Rose Gold Ring R 7,895 Silver Vintage Snake Ring With A Scale PatternSilver Vintage RingR 985 Gold Vintage Ring With Rubies And Diamonds18ct Gold 1980's RingR 36,995 Silver Vintage Ring With Oval Green StoneSilver Vintage RingR 2,685 Gold 50's Vintage Hearts And Bells Ring9ct Gold 1950's RingR 3,885 Silver Vintage Ring With MarcasiteSilver Vintage RingR 870 Gilt Vintage Bracelet With PasteGilt Vintage BraceletR 1,585 9ct Gold Vintage Ring With Jade9ct Gold Vintage RingR 4,085 9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Ring With Opals9ct Gold RingR 4,800 Vintage Gold Ring With Diamonds And An Emerald18ct Yellow Gold RingR 17,985 Gilt And Glass Vintage BraceletVintage BraceletR 2,485 Vintage Bracelet With PasteVintage BraceletR 1,385 Vintage Amber-Coloured BraceletVintage BraceletR 1,875 Bracelet With Garnets, Citrine And PeridotSilver Bracelet R 5,385 Long Necklace With Pearls And AmethystsLong NecklaceR 3,085 Star Pendant / Brooch With PastePendant / BroochR 355 Diamanté BroochDiamanté BroochR 885 Shell BroochShell BroochR 385 Vintage Brooch With PasteVintage Brooch With PasteR 685 Enamel Set With DiamantéEnamel SetR 985 Silver Vintage Oriental Brooch With TurquoiseSilver Oriental Brooch R 1,885 Vintage Hair Comb With Paste StonesVintage Hair CombR 585 Vintage Hair Comb With PasteVintage Hair CombR 255 Silver Flower BroochSilver Flower BroochR 685 Silver Golf BroochSilver Golf BroochR 1,085 Gilt Brooch With Mother-Of-PearlGilt BroochR 365 White Metal BroochWhite Metal BroochR 175 Gilt Frog Brooch With Faux PearlGilt Frog BroochR 475 Gilt Snake Brooch With CrystalsGilt Snake BroochR 3,785 Enamel Turtle BroochEnamel Turtle BroochR 785 Gilt Clown Brooch With PasteGilt Clown BroochR 585 Castanets Brooch With Spanish Dancer And GuitarWooden Castanets Brooch R 435
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