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9ct Yellow Gold Vintage Ring With TourmalineGold Vintage RingR 5,990 Yellow Gold Modern Stud Earrings With CitrinesGold Stud EarringsR 3,990 Silver Modern Cross With CitrineSilver Modern CrossR 390 Mid 20th Century Pendant With Cabochon AgateSilver Modernist PendantR 4,585 Vintage Gold Ring With Sapphires And DiamondsGold Vintage RingR 24,000 Gold Trilogy Ring With Sapphires And DiamondsGold Vintage RingR 21,970 Vintage Celtic Claddagh Bangle With An AmethystVintage Claddagh BangleR 4,475 Gold Victorian Necklace With Garnets And PearlsGold Victorian NecklaceR 6,020 Gold Stud Fleur-Di-Lis Earrings With DiamondsGold Vintage EarringsR 16,890 Gold Victorian Brooch With Bloodstone And PearlsGold Victorian BroochR 7,840 Gold Victorian Brooch / Pendant With Seed PearlsGold Victorian BroochR 5,890 Gold Swivel With Carnelian And BloodstoneGold Vintage SwivelR 4,050 Silver Vintage Bombe Ring With TurquoiseSilver Bombe RingR 4,045 Silver Gilt Modern Necklace With GarnetsSilver Gilt NecklaceR 3,740 Modern Silver Ring With CitrinesSilver Modern RingR 1,985 Gold Brooch / Pendant With Turquoise And A PearlGold Brooch/Pendant R 18,590 9ct Gold Vintage Clasp With Rubies And Diamonds9ct Gold Vintage ClaspR 3,985 Gold Vintage Ring With A Pearl And DiamondWhite Gold Vintage RingR 4,685 Gold Victorian Cameo Brooch/Pendant With PearlsGold Victorian Brooch R 6,975 Silver Navajo Cuff With Turquoise And CoralSilver Navajo Cuff BangleR 3,275 Modern Silver Gilt Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt BraceletR 3,785 Modern Silver Necklace With Blue TopazSilver Modern NecklaceR 2,065 Vintage Filigree Bracelet With Grey AgateVintage Filigree BraceletR 6,985 18ct White Gold Vintage Half An Eternity RingGold Vintage RingR 7,555 Platinum And Gold Art Deco Ring With DiamondsArt Deco RingR 8,985 Silver Modern Necklace With GarnetsSilver NecklaceR 1,585 18ct White Gold Vintage Ring With A DiamondGold Vintage RingR 18,785 Modern Amethyst NecklaceModern Amethyst NecklaceR 675 Modern Gold Ring With Diamonds And Blue TopazGold Modern RingR 3,785 Silver Stud Filigree Earrings With CitrinesSilver Vintage EarringsR 5,585 Gold Victorian Ring With Pearls And TurquoiseGold Victorian RingR 5,085 Gilt Vintage 1950's Hair Clips With PearlsGilt 1950's Hair ClipsR 735 9ct Gold Ring With Tanzanite And DiamondsGold Modern RingR 9,885 Vintage Gold Ring With Emerald And Diamonds18ct Gold Vintage RingR 13,765 Gold Victorian 5-Stone Ring With DiamondsGold Victorian RingR 30,085 Platinum And White Gold Ring With A DiamondVintage Diamond RingR 24,775 Gold Stud Earrings With Iolite And DiamondsGold Stud EarringsR 2,685 9ct Yellow Gold Modern Cross With Blue TopazGold Modern CrossR 2,785 Yellow Gold Vintage Stud Earrings With SapphiresGold Vintage Earrings R 4,485 15ct Yellow Gold Victorian Brooch With TurquoiseGold Victorian BroochR 4,485
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