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Modern Drop Hook Star Poggi Paris Earrings With PasteModern Star EarringsR 1,765 Vintage Up-The-Ear Clip On Earrings With White PasteVintage Clip On EarringsR 2,485 Vintage Clip On Up-The-Ear Earrings With PasteVintage Clip On Earrings R 1,895 Modern Gilt BraceletGilt Modern BraceletR 635 Modern Necklace With A Shell Heart Pendant And Glass BeadsModern NecklaceR 395 Crystal Modern PendantCrystal Modern PendantR 795 Vintage 1950's Necklace With PasteVintage 1950's NecklaceR 895 Vintage Costume Bracelet With PasteVintage Costume BraceletR 945 Modern Drop Hook Earrings With Crystal BeadsModern Drop Hook EarringsR 475 Modern Mariana Bracelet With PasteModern Mariana BraceletR 985 Vintage Purple Clip On Earrings With Gilt FiligreeVintage Clip On EarringsR 745 Vintage 1950's 4-Strand Choker Necklace With Faux Pearls And White PasteVintage Choker NecklaceR 3,695 Modern Necklace With Shimmery Pink BeadsModern NecklaceR 735 Gilt Vintage Celestial Clip On Earrings With PasteVintage Clip On EarringsR 2,495 Modern Necklace With Amber-Coloured PasteModern NecklaceR 795 Modern Fashion NecklaceModern Fashion NecklaceR 965 Modern Cufflinks With Mother-Of-PearlModern CufflinksR 445 Vintage Czechoslovakian Filigree Brooch With Green PasteVintage Filigree BroochR 665 Modern Crystal NecklaceModern Crystal NecklaceR 495 Gilt Vintage 1950's Hair Clips With PearlsGilt 1950's Hair ClipsR 645 Vintage 1950's Butterfly Clip On Earrings With PasteVintage Clip On Earrings R 465 Bakelite Art Deco BraceletArt Deco BraceletR 2,395 Large Vintage BroochLarge Vintage BroochR 995 Long Modern Necklace With BeadsLong Modern NecklaceR 465 Vintage 1970's Pop Large Stud EarringsVintage Pop Stud EarringsR 1,295 Gilt Vintage Bracelet With Glass PasteGilt Vintage BraceletR 1,695 Vintage Costume Clip On Drop EarringsVintage Clip On EarringsR 895 Cubic Zirconia Modern PendantCubic Zirconia PendantR 695 Gilt And Enamel Vintage Strawberry BroochVintage Strawberry BroochR 345 Gilt Vintage 1980's Clip On Earrings With Faux PearlsVintage Clip On EarringsR 1,895 Modern Necklace With Glass Beads And CharmsModern NecklaceR 1,295 Gilt Vintage ChainGilt Vintage ChainR 885 Modern Clip On Stud Earrings With PasteClip On Stud EarringsR 395 Vintage 1980's Clip On EarringsVintage Clip On EarringsR 1,895 Modern Bracelet With Faux PearlsModern BraceletR 695 Gilt Vintage Sailor BroochVintage Sailor BroochR 595 Modern Hoop Clip On EarringsHoop Clip On EarringsR 345 Modern Necklace With Faceted Crystal BeadsModern NecklaceR 545 Gilt Modern Drop Stud Earrings With Glass Beads And PasteGilt Modern Stud EarringsR 445 Modern Bracelet With PasteModern BraceletR 1,195
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