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Retro Clip On Earrings With MarcasiteRetro Clip On EarringsR 845 Silver Modern Heart Bracelet With MarcasiteSilver Heart BraceletR 1,475 Silver Vintage Floral Pendant With MarcasiteSilver Vintage PendantR 740 Silver Modern Stud Earrings With MarcasiteSilver Stud EarringsR 1,025 Silver Art Deco Ring With MarcasiteSilver Art Deco RingR 5,030 Faux Pearl Vintage Bracelet With Silver And Marcasite ClaspVintage BraceletR 655 Modern Silver Heart Pendant With MarcasiteSilver Heart PendantR 655 Silver Vintage Drop Stud Earrings With MarcasiteSilver Vintage EarringsR 1,675 Silver Vintage Lizard Brooch With MarcasiteSilver Vintage BroochR 1,785 Silver Vintage Pendant / Brooch With A Cameo And MarcasiteSilver Pendant/BroochR 4,340 Silver Modern Bracelet With MarcasiteSilver Modern BraceletR 2,585 Silver Vintage 1950's Necklace With MarcasiteSilver Vintage NecklaceR 3,885 Chrome Art Deco Bracelet With Peking Glass And MarcasiteChrome Art Deco BraceletR 2,485 Silver Vintage 3-Strand Clasp With MarcasiteSilver Vintage ClaspR 400 Silver Vintage Clip On Earrings With Cameos And MarcasiteVintage Clip On EarringsR 1,785 Silver Modern Cross With Cubic Zirconia And MarcasiteSilver Modern CrossR 855 Vintage Floral Brooch With Enamel And MarcasiteVintage Floral BroochR 1,065 Rhodium Plated 1950's Vintage Necklace With Marcasite1950's Vintage NecklaceR 1,575 Silver Vintage Clasp With MarcasiteSilver Vintage ClaspR 400 Silver Modern Cross With Marcasite And GlassSilver Modern CrossR 785 Silver Modern Witch's Heart Pendant With MarcasiteWitch's Heart PendantR 675 Silver Vintage Necklace With Marcasite And An AmethystSilver Vintage NecklaceR 5,085 Silver Vintage Bird Brooch With MarcasiteSilver Vintage BroochR 985 Silver Vintage Double-Strand Clasp With MarcasiteSilver Vintage ClaspR 400 Rhodium Plated 1950's Necklace With Marcasite1950's NecklaceR 1,865 Art Deco Marcasite Clip On EarringsArt Deco Clip On EarringsR 5,985 Silver Modern Heart Pendant With MarcasiteSilver Modern PendantR 785 Silver Modern Ring With MarcasiteSilver Modern RingR 380 Silver 1940's Clasp With MarcasiteSilver 1940's ClaspR 730 Silver Vintage Ring With Marcasite And A Light Blue StoneSilver Vintage RingR 870 1950's Bracelet With Marcasite And Faux Pearls1950's Bracelet R 685 1950's Horse And Carriage Brooch / WatchSilver Brooch / WatchR 4,785 Silver 1950's Flower Pendant / Watch With MarcasiteSilver Pendant / WatchR 3,985 Silver 1930's Rose Bracelet With Marcasite1930's Silver BraceletR 1,985 Silver 1950's Filigree Bracelet With Marcasite And Pearls1950's Silver BraceletR 3,685 Kigu Orchid Clip On Earrings With Marcasite And Faux Pearls1950's Clip On EarringsR 785 Silver Art Deco Hook Earrings With MarcasiteArt Deco Hook EarringsR 4,085 1940's Screw On Earrings With Marcasite1940's Screw On EarringsR 585 1950's Flower Clip On Earrings With Marcasite And Faux Pearl1950's Clip On EarringsR 785
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