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15ct Yellow Gold Victorian Necklace With Garnets And PearlsGold Victorian NecklaceR 6,020 Silver Gilt Edwardian CrossEdwardian CrossR 2,970 Silver Gilt Modern Necklace With GarnetsSilver Gilt NecklaceR 3,740 Modern Silver Gilt Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt BraceletR 3,785 Silver Gilt Vintage Filigree Bracelet With Grey AgateVintage Filigree BraceletR 6,985 Silver Gilt Vintage Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt BraceletR 7,975 Silver Gilt Vintage Bird CharmVintage Bird CharmR 375 Silver Gilt Edwardian Dragonfly Brooch With PasteEdwardian BroochR 1,535 Silver Gilt Modern Stud Hoop EarringsSilver Gilt EarringsR 625 Silver Gilt Oriental Bracelet With Carnelian And ChalcedonyVintage Oriental BraceletR 6,585 Silver Gilt And Enamel 1950's Retro Scandinavian Heart NecklaceRetro NecklaceR 5,755 Silver Gilt Modern Drop Hook Earrings With GarnetsSilver Gilt Hook EarringsR 1,955 Silver Gilt Victorian BroochVictorian BroochR 3,085 Silver Gilt And Enamel Retro Brooch From NorwayRetro BroochR 1,585 Silver Gilt And Shell Vintage Cameo BroochVintage Cameo BroochR 4,085 Silver Gilt 1920's Oriental Ring With Jade1920's Oriental RingR 2,960 Silver Gilt Modern Classic Necklace With GarnetsModern NecklaceR 4,585 Silver Gilt Modern Necklace With GarnetsModern NecklaceR 3,885 Silver Gilt Modern Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt Bracelet R 3,685 Silver Gilt And Enamel ‘David-Andersen’ Brooch From NorwayVintage Butterfly Brooch R 1,885 Gilt Israeli Bracelet With CitrineVintage BraceletR 2,485 Silver Gilt Vintage Filigree BraceletVintage BraceletR 3,685 Silver Gilt And Enamel Retro Leaf Brooch From DenmarkRetro BroochR 1,785 Silver Gilt Victorian Screw On EarringsVictorian Screw EarringsR 685 Silver Gilt And Enamel ''David-Andersen'' Clip On Earrings1950's Clip On EarringsR 1,485 Silver Gilt Filigree Flower Screw On EarringsSilver Gilt EarringsR 735
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