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Victorian MonocleVictorian MonocleR 4,285 Rose Gold Victorian Horse Shoe CufflinksGold Victorian CufflinksR 9,840 Gold Victorian Necklace With Garnets And PearlsGold Victorian NecklaceR 6,020 Silver Victorian BroochSilver Victorian BroochR 585 Gold Victorian Brooch With Bloodstone And PearlsGold Victorian BroochR 7,840 Gold Victorian Brooch / Pendant With Seed PearlsGold Victorian BroochR 5,890 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Hollow Puffy Heart CharmGold Victorian CharmR 3,725 Victorian Spring-Back Shirt Button StudsVictorian Button StudsR 2,585 Vulcanite Victorian Fob ChainVictorian Fob ChainR 3,885 Gold Victorian Pendant / Charm With Gold StoneVictorian Pendant/CharmR 2,080 9ct Gold Victorian 2-Strand Clasp9ct Gold Victorian ClaspR 2,970 Rolled Gold Victorian Crystal Picture LocketVictorian Picture LocketR 2,785 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Gate BraceletGold Victorian BraceletR 19,400 Victorian Ornate Seal With Rock CrystalGold Cased Victorian SealR 4,675 Gold Victorian Cameo Brooch/Pendant With PearlsGold Victorian Brooch R 6,975 9ct Rose Gold Victorian Brooch With HairGold Victorian BroochR 2,485 Gold Victorian Ring With Pearls And TurquoiseGold Victorian RingR 5,085 Victorian Chinoiserie Lacquer Trinket BoxVictorian Trinket BoxR 1,385 Gold Victorian 5-Stone Ring With DiamondsGold Victorian RingR 30,085 Silver Victorian Locket With Gold DecorationSilver Victorian LocketR 7,085 15ct Yellow Gold Victorian Brooch With TurquoiseGold Victorian BroochR 4,485 9ct Gold Victorian Cameo BroochVictorian Cameo BroochR 6,690 Silver Victorian Coin CufflinksVictorian CufflinksR 2,685 Victorian Trinket Box With A Painted MiniatureVictorian Trinket BoxR 4,485 Gold Victorian Ring With Turquoise And DiamondsGold Victorian RingR 9,075 Gold Cased Victorian Seal With AgateVictorian SealR 4,385 Shell Victorian Thimble HolderVictorian Thimble HolderR 1,265 Silver Victorian Seal With BloodstoneSilver Victorian SealR 3,985 Gold Cased Victorian Watch Key With CarnelianVictorian Watch KeyR 4,085 Gold Victorian Hexagonal Locket With PasteGold Victorian LocketR 3,585 Silver Austro-Hungarian Victorian PendantSilver Victorian PendantR 4,875 Gold Antique Bracelet With Turquoise And PearlsGold Victorian BraceletR 20,085 Victorian Stick Pin With French JetVictorian Stick PinR 185 Watch Key With Bloodstone And CarnelianVictorian Watch KeyR 3,485 Gold Cased Victorian SealGold Cased Victorian SealR 1,740 Gold Cased Watch Key With Foiled CrystalVictorian Watch KeyR 3,675 Victorian Brooch With Picture CompartmentGold Victorian BroochR 1,535 Mother-Of-Pearl Victorian BroochVictorian BroochR 1,085 Silver Gilt Victorian BroochVictorian BroochR 3,085 Gold Plated Victorian BroochVictorian BroochR 575
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