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18ct Yellow Gold 1960's Italian BraceletGold Italian BraceletR 28,090 Silver Modern BraceletSilver Modern BraceletR 275 Silver Modern Bracelet With Crystal QuartzSilver BraceletR 1,685 Silver Vintage Hollow Curb-Link BraceletSilver Vintage BraceletR 1,575 Silver And Enamel Vintage BraceletSilver Vintage BraceletR 655 Modern Stretchy Bead BraceletModern Stretchy BraceletR 435 Vintage Bracelet With Coral And TurquoiseVintage Oriental BraceletR 3,935 Silver, Enamel And Niello Vintage BraceletVintage Siamese BraceletR 675 Gold Vintage Gate Bracelet With A Heart Padlock9ct Gold Gate BraceletR 16,085 1950's Bauble Charm Bracelet1950's Bauble BraceletR 335 Victorian Gate Bracelet With Heart PadlockVictorian Gate Bracelet R 15,085 Silver Modern Tennis Bracelet With Blue TopazSilver Modern BraceletR 1,370 Bracelet With Beads And Chrome BallsModern Stretchy BraceletR 415 Gilt Vintage Bracelet With Verdite-Type StonesGilt Vintage Bracelet R 555 Gilt 1950's Bracelet With Topaz-Coloured PasteGilt 1950's BraceletR 2,240 Modern Silver Bracelet With CarnelianSilver Modern BraceletR 1,765 Silver Gilt Modern Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Gilt Bracelet R 3,685 Silver Modern Bracelet With Rose QuartzSilver Modern Bracelet R 1,970 Silver Modern Bracelet With GarnetsSilver Modern BraceletR 1,530 Silver Modern Bracelet With OnyxSilver Modern BraceletR 1,850 Vintage Silver BraceletVintage Silver BraceletR 1,785 African Bead Vintage BraceletAfrican Bead BraceletR 270 Modern Double-Chain Bracelet With PasteModern BraceletR 870 Modern Bracelet With BlingModern BraceletR 785 Silver And Enamel Retro BraceletRetro BraceletR 4,690 Abalone 1960's BraceletAbalone 1960's BraceletR 580 Modern Bracelet With Faux Pearls And CharmsModern Bracelet R 530 Modern Stretchy BraceletModern Stretchy BraceletR 175 Silver Retro Mexican BraceletSilver Retro BraceletR 2,790 Gilt Retro 1960's BraceletGilt Retro BraceletR 920 Coral BraceletCoral BraceletR 940 Vintage Egyptian BraceletVintage Egyptian BraceletR 1,140 Modern Bracelet With Paste StonesModern Bracelet R 580 African Bracelet With StonesAfrican BraceletR 310 Silver 1950's Bling BraceletSilver 1950's BraceletR 3,490 Silver Retro Mari-Lou BraceletSilver Retro BraceletR 4,985 Silver Gilt Vintage Filigree BraceletVintage BraceletR 3,685 Silver And Amber Retro BraceletRetro BraceletR 3,690 Shell Bracelet With Faux PearlsShell Bracelet R 350 1950's Coro Bracelet1950's Coro BraceletR 585
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