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Gilt 1980's Pearl EnhancerGilt Pearl EnhancerR 535 Gilt 1980's Snake-Chain NecklaceGilt 1980's NecklaceR 835 Gilt Necklace With Faux PearlsNecklace With Faux PearlsR 955 Gilt 1950's Vintage Fruit BroochGilt 1950's Fruit BroochR 185 Gilt Vintage Bug Brooch With PasteGilt Vintage Bug BroochR 985 Plastic And Gilt Vintage NecklaceVintage NecklaceR 315 Set Made From Chainmail And Mother-Of-Pearl1940's SetR 2,085 Gilt Vintage Gondola Brooch From ItalyVintage Gondola BroochR 375 Gilt Vintage Dart Tie ClipVintage Dart Tie ClipR 525 1950's Floral Brooch With Coloured RhinestonesGilt Floral BroochR 585 Gilt 1980's Scabbard Brooch With Coloured PasteGilt Scabbard BroochR 1,055 Gilt 1970's Scarf RingGilt 1970's Scarf RingR 285 Gilt Vintage Bracelet With Verdite-Type StonesGilt Vintage Bracelet R 555 Gilt 1950's Bracelet With Topaz-Coloured PasteGilt 1950's BraceletR 2,240 Vintage Cap BroochJockey's Cap BroochR 485 Gilt And Enamel 1950's Brooch1950's BroochR 385 Gilt Trifari Vintage Bangle With Red StoneTrifari Vintage BangleR 1,585 Gilt 1950's Tie ClipGilt 1950's Tie ClipR 335 Hair And Gilt Victorian Watch ChainVictorian Watch ChainR 4,585 Gilt Vintage Shell Scarf RingGilt Vintage Scarf RingR 365 Gilt Vintage Tie ClipGilt Vintage Tie ClipR 320 Gilt Retro 1960's BraceletGilt Retro BraceletR 920 Gilt Vintage Bracelet With PasteGilt Vintage BraceletR 1,585 Gilt 1950's Bracelet With Green PasteGilt 1950's BraceletR 2,085 Gilt And Glass Vintage BraceletVintage BraceletR 2,485 Gilt 1950's Cufflinks1950's CufflinksR 485 Gilt 1930's CufflinksGilt 1930's CufflinksR 985 Gilt Brooch With Mother-Of-PearlGilt BroochR 365 Gilt Snake Brooch With CrystalsGilt Snake BroochR 3,785 Gilt 1950's Hand Mirror Brooch With PasteGilt 1950's BroochR 385 Gilt Clown Brooch With PasteGilt Clown BroochR 585 Umbrella / Parasol Brooch With Hanging PurseGilt 1950's BroochR 515 Gilt Modern Necklace With Faux TurquoiseGilt Modern NecklaceR 885 Necklace With Crystals And Leatherette LinksGilt Modern NecklaceR 555 Chain Necklace With Heart And Arrow ClosureGilt Modern NecklaceR 385 Gilt Modern Cross With Cubic ZirconiaGilt Modern CrossR 685 Gilt 1950's Set With RhinestonesGilt 1950's SetR 3,085 Gilt Retro Tosca Pendant / WatchGilt Retro Pendant/WatchR 1,385 Gilt Necklace With Amethyst BeadsGilt Necklace R 3,485 Gilt Coro Set With RhinestonesGilt Coro SetR 2,885
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