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Long Necklace With Pearls And AmethystsLong NecklaceR 3,085 Modern Necklace With DiamantéModern NecklaceR 885 1930 French Jet And White Paste Choker NecklaceFrench Jet NecklaceR 1,885 French Jet Graded NecklaceFrench Jet NecklaceR 785 French Jet 1930's NecklaceFrench Jet NecklaceR 985 French Jet 1930's Long NecklaceFrench Jet NecklaceR 1,585 Gilt Modern Necklace With Faux TurquoiseGilt Modern NecklaceR 885 Necklace With Crystals And Leatherette LinksGilt Modern NecklaceR 555 Chain Necklace With Heart And Arrow ClosureGilt Modern NecklaceR 385 Metal Star NecklaceMetal Star NecklaceR 215 Wooden NecklaceWooden NecklaceR 215 Silk Thread NecklaceSilk Thread NecklaceR 585 Shell NecklaceShell NecklaceR 585 Amber NecklaceAmber NecklaceR 2,785 Necklace With Black BeadsBlack NecklaceR 1,085 Gilt Necklace With Amethyst BeadsGilt Necklace R 3,485 Coral NecklaceCoral NecklaceR 1,085 Art Deco Glass Bead NecklaceGlass Art Deco NecklaceR 1,785 1930's Necklace With Blue Crystals1930's NecklaceR 1,685 Cloisonné And Silk Oriental NecklaceOriental NecklaceR 1,485 Heart Necklace With White PasteHeart NecklaceR 685 Plastic 1950's White Necklace1950's Plastic NecklaceR 1,785 Plastic 1950's Yellow Necklace 1950's Plastic NecklaceR 885 Plastic 1970's Necklace1970's Plastic NecklaceR 985 Plastic 1950's Pink Necklace1950's Plastic NecklaceR 685 Necklace With Faux Crystals & Pearls1960's Plastic NecklaceR 685 Art Deco Crystal Bead NecklaceArt Deco NecklaceR 1,685 Insect Wings 1930's Necklace1930's NecklaceR 1,785 Plastic Vintage Lemon-Coloured NecklaceVintage Plastic NecklaceR 1,085 Brass Necklace With Glass BeadsBrass & Glass NecklaceR 885 Art Deco Crystal Bead NecklaceArt Deco NecklaceR 3,685 Necklace With Faux Turquoise Glass BeadsGlass NecklaceR 685 Vintage Necklace With Black Glass BeadsVintage NecklaceR 1,085 Plastic And Silk Thread Retro NecklaceRetro NecklaceR 385 Plastic Vintage NecklaceVintage Plastic NecklaceR 685 Gilt Vintage Snake Chain NecklaceVintage Gilt NecklaceR 585 Disc NecklaceDisc NecklaceR 515 Gilt 1980's Necklace With Draped Chains1980's Gilt NecklaceR 1,185 Vintage Chain NecklaceVintage NecklaceR 385 Gilt 1980's Chain Necklace1980's Gilt NecklaceR 485
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