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Vintage Chain NecklaceVintage NecklaceR 385 Gilt 1980's Chain Necklace1980's Gilt NecklaceR 485 Gilt Vintage Chain-Like NecklaceVintage Gilt NecklaceR 385 1950's Necklace With Ice-Cream Coloured Beads1950's Plastic NecklaceR 1,085 Plastic Necklace With Black LinksBlack Plastic NecklaceR 255 Vintage Necklace With Black And White BeadsVintage Plastic NecklaceR 485 Vintage Necklace With Gunmetal Grey BeadsVintage Plastic NecklaceR 485 Vintage Necklace With Luminous Coloured BeadsVintage Plastic NecklaceR 485 Gilt 1980's Necklace With Faux Lapis Lazuli1980's Gilt NecklaceR 1,185 1960's Necklace With Orange-Coloured Beads1960's Plastic NecklaceR 685 Plastic 1950's Necklace With Lime-Coloured Beads1950's Plastic NecklaceR 215 1950's Necklace With Citrus-Coloured Beads1950's Plastic NecklaceR 485 Gilt 1980's Monet Necklace 1980's Monet NecklaceR 1,685 Necklace With Faux Pearls, Beads And Diamanté1980's Gilt NecklaceR 1,085 Agatha Necklace With Faux PearlsAgatha NecklaceR 885 1950's Necklace With Faux Pearls1950's NecklaceR 685 1950's Necklace With Glass Faux Pearls1950's Glass NecklaceR 2,385 Gilt Necklace With White Glass BeadsGilt & Glass NecklaceR 985 1950's Necklace With Lemon-Coloured Glass Beads1950's Glass NecklaceR 785 Necklace With Red Glass BeadsRed Glass Beads NecklaceR 385 Necklace With Luminous Glass BeadsNecklace with Glass BeadsR 885 Necklace With Pink Glass BeadsGlass NecklaceR 985 1950's Necklace With Venetian Glass Beads1950's Italian NecklaceR 1,785 Gold Plated Necklace With Hand Carved Cameo1940's NecklaceR 3,085 1950's Necklace With Rainbow Glass Beads1950's Glass NecklaceR 1,885
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