Jadeite Figa Fist Charm / Pendant With Silver

(ZAR - South African Rand)


40mm x 11mm



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Figa fist for good luck! A silver charm / pendant with carved jadeite.

The clenched fist as a symbol has its roots in African soil, where it was whispered that the fist would bring prosperity and protection! It was also believed to increase the fertility of warriors. When slaves were taken from that continent to Brazil, they carried the figa with them, and it soon integrated into Brazilian culture. It's now considered more of a protection amulet and is seen as a good luck charm.

In the 19th century, it was discovered that there are two different types of jade: jadeite and nephrite. Nephrite is from China, where it has been revered for thousands of years and was thought to preserve the body after death - which is why it was buried with emperors in their tombs. Jadeite was discovered more recently and comes predominantly from Burma. Because jadeite is rarer and comes in a greater array of vivid colours, it is considered more valuable, and therefore more expensive. Green is the most recognised and common colour, but jadeite can also be found in white, yellow, orange, red, lavender, pale blue, brown and even black. Both jadeite and nephrite are hard stones and don't break or chip easily. They are often used to create carvings like this pendant because of their smooth texture.

Jadeite is also believed to symbolise luck, and therefore by wearing this talisman, you double the blessings that you will receive!!!


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