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A place to explore and enrapture the antique jewellery lover’s mind, this blog is a space for us to communicate the joy and passion we have for all things sparkly. Whether divulging long lost anecdotes about a beautiful item or giving helpful hints and tips about purchasing your own special antique pieces, this is a space for you to learn, love and enjoy.

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Sapphires, Unveiling the Rich Tapestry of History and Beauty

2023/09/26 13:17:50Sapphires, Unveiling the Rich Tapestry of History and Beauty

Sapphires are more than precious stones; they are windows into the past, carrying with them the stories and sentiments of the ages.

Ruby Jewellery: A Fascination Spanning Centuries

2023/07/10 11:52:19Ruby Jewellery: A Fascination Spanning Centuries

Throughout history, the allure of precious gemstones has captured the hearts and imaginations of people across different cultures and civilizations.

Valentine's Day And Jewellery

2023/01/23 11:55:53Valentine's Day And Jewellery

Whether it's a simple piece of costume jewellery or a lavish diamond ring, jewellery is a timeless and meaningful way to express one's love and commitment on Valentine's Day.

August, the month of peridot

2020/08/13 08:38:22August, the month of peridot

Other than being the birthstone for August, peridot is also considered to be the gemstone for the 16th wedding anniversary.

July, the month of the ruby

2020/07/06 11:52:15July, the month of the ruby

Ruby is the gemstone for July and also represents the 40th wedding anniversary – on both the modern and traditional lists. It is one of the most expensive gemstones, and its price varies depending on the deepness of its colour.

Vintage Bracelets And Bangles

2018/10/19 13:55:38Vintage Bracelets And Bangles

Bracelets come in a huge range of sizes, materials and designs, and they continue to be one of the most loved and worn items of jewellery.

Beaded Jewellery

2018/08/28 15:51:38Beaded Jewellery

Beads are as popular now as they've always been and they will continue to play a pivotal role in the creation of all different types of jewellery.

Vintage Brooches

2018/08/23 12:05:46Vintage Brooches

Vintage brooches are incredibly versatile and so prominently depict the period in which they were made.

The Great Gatsby and Art Deco Design

2018/05/17 11:15:17The Great Gatsby and Art Deco Design

Allow us to explain the beauty and extravagance of the movie ''The Great Gatsby'' and its portrayal of the Art Deco period.

The Most Prized Garnets

2018/02/15 12:51:03The Most Prized Garnets

Garnets are some of the most prized precious stones used in jewellery.

5 Vintage Classics Every Girl Should Own

2018/01/11 12:05:425 Vintage Classics Every Girl Should Own

Investing in quality vintage or antique jewellery is a great way to add unique, characterful pieces to your collection.

Chopard: A Tradition Of Excellence

2017/11/23 12:29:47Chopard: A Tradition Of Excellence

The house of Chopard has become synonymous with luxury, precision watchmaking and Haute Joaillerie.

The Arts And Crafts Era

2017/07/12 12:37:52The Arts And Crafts Era

The Arts & Crafts movement lasted for about 30 years, and jewellery from this era is highly valued and sought after by collectors.

Astounding Amber

2017/07/04 10:18:03Astounding Amber

Each piece of amber is completely unique and can be millions of years old.

Lea Stein Brooches

2017/06/07 13:35:49Lea Stein Brooches

No two pieces of Lea Stein jewellery are alike - guaranteeing an original creation with an interesting design every time!

Jewellery from Africa

2017/05/29 08:33:46Jewellery from Africa

African jewellery is often made from natural materials like bone, wood, stone, teeth, amber and ivory, and accessories have been worn by both men and women for hundreds of years.

Amazing Abalone

2017/05/26 11:05:04Amazing Abalone

Abalone has an exceptional colour, and is therefore often used to make jewellery and accessories.

Cufflinks During The Art Deco Period

2017/05/16 11:30:35Cufflinks During The Art Deco Period

Cufflinks have always been associated with luxury. Jewellery manufacturers during the Art Deco period focused on designing cufflinks that were easy to insert and remove, and they became statement pieces representing glamour, exuberance, and technological progress.

May, the month of the emerald

2017/05/11 11:14:02May, the month of the emerald

The conventional birthstone for the month of May is the emerald - a magnificent green gemstone coveted the world over.

Aquamarine - the stone of courage

2016/03/17 12:34:30Aquamarine - the stone of courage

Aquamarines are worn by women the world over. Read more to find out why ...

Thinking Back ...

2015/11/25 11:53:46Thinking Back ...

A few quirky ideas and past experiences ...

Vintage Watches

2015/04/12 21:08:54Vintage Watches

Wrist watches are one of the most popular accessories worn by both men and women around the world today, and vintage watches are incredibly popular choices when it comes to selecting a special timepiece.

The fabulous jewellery of Elizabeth Taylor

2014/11/26 10:48:56The fabulous jewellery of Elizabeth Taylor

If there is one lesson to be learned from the sensational Elizabeth Taylor, it is that jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed!

Some fictional jewels I wish were real

2014/08/14 11:08:22Some fictional jewels I wish were real

These three fictional jewels from the silver screen are so magnificent that I wish they were real!

Vintage motifs: hand jewellery

2014/08/11 11:28:31Vintage motifs: hand jewellery

An overview of the hand motif in vintage and antique jewellery design.

Something old: vintage bridal jewellery

2014/08/04 15:24:55Something old: vintage bridal jewellery

With such a wide selection of vintage and antique bridal jewellery available, looking the part of the radiant bride is the easy bit ...

Jade - The Ornamental Gem

2014/07/23 20:35:48Jade - The Ornamental Gem

Jade is a beautiful gemstone that has been used by mankind for centuries in the design and creation of ornamental pieces and jewellery.


2014/07/13 13:52:17Fabergé

Fabergé is well known for its exquisite gem-encrusted creations. Find out more about this prestigious Russian design empire and its stunning jewellery.

Silver Anniversary Gifts

2014/07/10 16:23:51Silver Anniversary Gifts

Spending a quarter of a century with the person that you love is something worth celebrating! 

Seals: an antique method of authentication

2014/07/08 12:09:51Seals: an antique method of authentication

The use of seals for privacy of correspondence, along with handwritten letters, has all but disappeared. However there is still much allure, romance and novelty associated with these unique heirlooms.

3 Legendary Cursed Jewels and Their Stories

2014/06/18 10:26:093 Legendary Cursed Jewels and Their Stories

These 3 famous jewels are exquisite, priceless and also hazardous to your health . . .

Jewellery trends 2014: What to wear right now

2014/05/08 14:40:49Jewellery trends 2014: What to wear right now

Embrace the bold, colourful jewellery trends for 2014.

Capitol Couture: The Hunger Games-inspired jewellery

2014/04/30 20:10:05Capitol Couture: The Hunger Games-inspired jewellery

How to choose vintage and antique jewellery that pays homage to Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy.

Find the perfect St Patrick's Day accessory

2014/03/16 16:29:00Find the perfect St Patrick's Day accessory

St Patrick's Day fashion can be stylish. Here's how to wow with vintage green jewellery.

Georg Jensen: A master of the craft

2014/03/13 13:26:02Georg Jensen: A master of the craft

Browsing through a Georg Jensen catalogue is like looking at glimpses of the world from different times and different periods of artistic influence and grandeur.

How To Wear: Dress Clips

2014/02/21 22:11:14How To Wear: Dress Clips

Read up all about the different ways to wear a dress clip, a classic accessory to up style most fashion ensembles.

Sweetheart collectibles - memorabilia of war

2014/02/14 12:50:16Sweetheart collectibles - memorabilia of war

During World War I and II, soldiers serving their country would send home gifts and letters in order to keep in touch with their loved ones. Today, these have become collector's items, and jewellery lovers are starting to appreciate them as sentimental treasures.

Relive the silver screen: Marilyn Monroe

2014/02/13 09:36:49Relive the silver screen: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe has been a style icon since the 50's. Recreate her classic look.

The best tips for buying vintage jewellery

2014/01/30 09:56:00The best tips for buying vintage jewellery

Find tips on buying vintage and antique jewellery here. Ensure that you get value for your money!

Queen Elizabeth I's Locket Ring

2014/01/28 10:44:47Queen Elizabeth I's Locket Ring

One of the most mysterious pieces of antique jewellery is Queen Elizabeth I's locket ring.

Old world fantasies, new art methods - Art Nouveau jewellery design

2014/01/23 08:53:28Old world fantasies, new art methods - Art Nouveau jewellery design

Old world fantasies, new art methods - a piece on Art Nouveau jewellery design

A cut above: The savvy shopper's guide to diamonds

2014/01/20 09:59:49A cut above: The savvy shopper's guide to diamonds

Diamonds never go out of style! Here is a four step guide to buying them.

Downton On The Up And Up

2013/12/02 22:21:18Downton On The Up And Up

Downton Abbey is loved for its drama and fashion. The show makes great use of 1920's trends tied with Edwardian influences in an exquisite game of dress-up.

Diamond Jewellery

2013/11/21 11:21:21Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are as revered as they are beautiful, and they are the gemstone most frequently chosen for engagement rings.

Cameos - Classical Jewellery

2013/11/05 21:00:18Cameos - Classical Jewellery

Cameos are beautiful, elegant pieces of jewellery that are cherished by jewellery lovers all over the world.

Relive the silver screen: Audrey Hepburn

2013/10/31 10:40:28Relive the silver screen: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn starred in many award-winning films, and is remembered as being one of the greatest stage and screen actresses of all time. She is a style icon, with a fashion sensibility that carries across generations.

Bulgari: Their Story

2013/10/30 17:54:14Bulgari: Their Story

Bulgari is a timeless company that has stayed true to its roots, and is faithful to its aesthetics. The Bulgari look is defined by its use of colourful precious stones like sapphires, chunky bold gold links and steel.

Functional Jewellery - Pretty with a Purpose

2013/10/28 11:22:23Functional Jewellery - Pretty with a Purpose

Jewellery is primarily meant to be worn for aesthetics - something pretty to enhance an outfit or lift a mood, but it is great to have more than one reason to buy an eye-catching piece!

Gifts For The Royal Baby

2013/10/09 20:42:43Gifts For The Royal Baby

A royal baby is always global news and an exciting time! It comes as no surprise that most gifts given to royal babies are conservative, and probably better suited to the parents than the baby!

The History of Wedding Rings

2013/09/24 22:07:59The History of Wedding Rings

The rings gifted to a bride and groom on their wedding day are symbols of unwavering commitment and lifelong promises. These circular eternal bands have a long and interesting history - a history developed over thousands of years.

Erich Frey

2013/08/30 13:39:41Erich Frey

Erich Frey was a German born goldsmith who was respected and admired by his peers. His work was unique and he proved to be an influential jeweller in his time.

Antique Pendants

2013/08/15 10:56:39Antique Pendants

Antique pendants are generally beautifully crafted and valuable.

2nd Anniversary Gifts

2013/08/14 21:07:232nd Anniversary Gifts

The traditional anniversary gift list suggests cotton for one's 2nd year anniversary. China is the modern alternative.

Tiffany & Co

2013/08/13 21:25:01Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co is possibly one of the most well-known names in jewellery design.

Paper Anniversary Gifts

2013/08/12 21:44:46Paper Anniversary Gifts

A first anniversary is one of the most significant milestones in a marriage. Paper is traditionally given on this anniversary as its interlocking fibres are believed to symbolise the strength of the relationship.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

2013/08/05 21:42:50Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Every anniversary is a significant and important milestone, and should be treated as such!

Past Influences On Contemporary Design

2013/07/23 11:19:40Past Influences On Contemporary Design

Fashion will never die! It is something that is around us always, and its styles and trends are something that we will always see and always be aware of. Jewellery is no different, and is hugely influenced by what has come before.

Victorian Jewellery

2013/06/10 10:14:26Victorian Jewellery

A look at jewellery trends during the Victorian era.

The World’s Most Famous Diamonds

2013/06/10 09:09:57The World’s Most Famous Diamonds

Investigating the stories behind the world’s most well-known diamonds.

The Art Deco Era: Jewellery As Artistic Expression

2013/06/03 11:01:39The Art Deco Era: Jewellery As Artistic Expression

This visually captivating design style spanned several decades, and is remembered for its vivid use of colour and bold, strong lines.

1980's Jewellery: Bright, bold and chunky

2013/05/31 16:34:421980's Jewellery: Bright, bold and chunky

The word to define 80’s jewellery is 'BIG'. Actually, this word can be used to describe the whole decade! Jewellery was big, loud, proud and all about making a statement . . .

Welcome to Amanda Appleby

2013/05/10 11:31:06Welcome to Amanda Appleby

Joanne Glasser describes Amanda Appleby and what they do.

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