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14ct Yellow Gold 1960's Retro Ring With Pearls14ct Gold 1960's RingR 14,085 Gold Modern Designer Ring With Diamonds18ct Gold Modern RingR 25,085 Gold Victorian ''Faith, Hope And Charity'' Ring9ct Gold Victorian RingR 4,085 18ct Yellow Gold Retro Ring With Sapphires18ct Gold Retro RingR 18,085 Gold 1940's Art Deco Vintage Ring With Diamonds18ct White Gold Ring R 17,085 14ct White Gold 1950's Vintage Ring With A Pearl14ct Gold 1950's RingR 5,085 Silver Retro 1970's Ring From NorwaySilver Retro 1970's RingR 3,685 Modern Bold Ring With Coloured PasteModern Bold RingR 410 Silver Gilt 1920's Oriental Ring With Jade1920's Oriental RingR 2,960 Silver Retro 1970’s Ring With White SapphiresSilver Retro RingR 4,850 Vintage Ring With Faux Turquoise And DiamantéVintage RingR 660 Plastic Modern RingPlastic Modern RingR 175 Silver Retro Ring With Smoky QuartzSilver Retro RingR 1,045 Costume Ring With A Wine-Coloured Faceted StoneModern Costume RingR 470 Modern Ring With A 3D FlowerModern RingR 285 9ct Rose Gold And Amber Retro Ring9ct Gold And Amber RingR 6,375 18ct Gold 1960's Ring With Amethyst18ct Gold 1960's RingR 16,085 White Gold Modern Ring With Diamonds9ct Gold Modern RingR 9,085 9ct Gold Synthetic Spinal Ring With Diamonds9ct Gold Vintage RingR 5,085 Gold Modern Ring With Tanzanite And Diamonds9ct Gold Modern RingR 9,285 Modern Ring With Diamonds9ct Gold Modern RingR 4,785 18ct White Gold Modern Ring With Diamonds18ct Gold Modern RingR 46,085 Gold Vintage Ring With Emerald And Diamonds18ct White Gold RingR 19,085 Silver Modern Ring With CitrinesSilver Modern RingR 1,235 Silver And Amber Modern RingModern RingR 1,270 Silver Modern Ring With Rose QuartzSilver Modern RingR 970 White And Yellow Gold Modern Ring With Diamonds9ct Gold Modern RingR 8,085 Silver Modern Ring With MarcasiteSilver Modern RingR 380 Silver Modern Oval-Shaped Ring With TurquoiseSilver Modern RingR 835 18ct Yellow And White Gold 1950's Ring With DiamondsVintage Gold RingR 9,560 Silver Modern Ring With Blue TopazSilver Modern RingR 715 Gold 1980's Vintage Ring With Cubic Zirconia9ct Gold 1980's RingR 2,785 18ct Yellow Gold 1980's Retro Ring With Diamonds18ct Gold 1980's RingR 8,985 Gold 1970's Vintage Ring With Cubic Zirconia9ct Gold 1970's RingR 2,985 Gold Ring With Diamonds, Sapphires And Rubies18ct Rose Gold Ring R 7,895 Silver Vintage Snake Ring With A Scale PatternSilver Vintage RingR 985 Gold Vintage Ring With Rubies And Diamonds18ct Gold 1980's RingR 36,995 9ct Yellow Gold Retro Ring With Pearls And Opals9ct Gold Retro RingR 5,085 Silver Vintage Ring With Oval Green StoneSilver Vintage RingR 2,685 Gold 50's Vintage Hearts And Bells Ring9ct Gold 1950's RingR 3,885
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