Silver 1920's Egyptian Scarab Bracelet

(ZAR - South African Rand)


200mm x 24mm



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A fabulous Egyptian bracelet from the 1920's with scarabs and hieroglyphic motifs.

The world was an interesting place after World War 1, and the 20's was a decade in which women explored with different jewellery styles, textures and materials. When Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered in 1922, the public became fascinated with Egyptian artefacts, and the influence on jewellery was widely felt. Egyptian Jewellery was synonymous with opulence and it was innately luxurious because it was fashioned on items found in tombs - which meant that the jewellery had belonged to the Egyptian elite.

Scarab beetles and hieroglyphic motifs featured prominently on bracelets that adorned the newly-bared arms of women. The scarab symbol was one of the most important in ancient Egypt - as it represented self-creation or rebirth, and it was also considered to bring good luck.

Scarab beetles adorn this heavy chain-link bracelet. The symbol Ankh - which represents the key of life and is one of the most recognised and enduring icons of ancient Egypt - can be found on the clasp. The duck that features just below it is associated with the god of the land, Geb. Pharaohs were also popular images and appear on the bracelet on a number of cartouches - oblong shapes normally inscribed with the name of a king, queen or high ranking Egyptian.

Egyptian influenced jewellery was popular because it was mysterious, ornate and intricately crafted.

You too can experience this ancient culture and be transported to a different era by donning this beautiful bracelet!

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