Attwood & Sawyer Necklace With Diamanté

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400mm x 33mm


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An "Attwood & Sawyer" gilt necklace set with diamanté in a floral design. Circa 1980.

The motto of jewellery design in the 80's was generally that bigger was better, yet it was also a time to be inventive, and so you could wear a simple or elegant item as well - as long as it showed off your personality!

Diamonds have always been popular, and it was no different during this decade. Some stunning substitutes, however, were plentiful when the real thing became unaffordable. Diamanté, or clear rhinestones, would often pass for diamonds, and so they were commonly used in creating costume jewellery. This type of 1980's jewellery was fashionable because it was readily and widely available at a fraction of the price.

''Attwood & Sawyer'' is one of the most famous costume jewellery brands in the United Kingdom. Horace Attwood established the company in Wales in 1956, and during its prime, it was producing costume jewellery for the glamorous stars of TV shows like ''Dallas'' and ''Dynasty''. This meant that its designs were being seen by women from all over the world!

Necklaces were very popular, and they were available in all colours and designs. There truly was a necklace to suit every taste and budget.

This beautiful ''Attwood & Sawyer'' necklace is testimony to the craftsmanship and quality of the brand. It is a vintage piece that is still in very good condition. The intricate floral design adds a touch of femininity, while the diamanté adds all the sparkle without having to pay the price of real diamonds.


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