Silver Austro-Hungarian Earrings With Opals

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A typical Austro-Hungarian pair of silver clip on earrings - very attractive! Set with opals and small red stones in a floral design.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was in existence from 1867 - 1918, and the jewellery from this time is ostentatious, ornate and regal. Jewellery designers were hugely influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, which was in existence at the turn of the century, and therefore organic themes were celebrated, and motifs of flowers and foliage dominated Austro-Hungarian jewellery design.

These intricate clip on earrings are typical of this era, and the influence of nature is evident in the four dainty flowers with red stone centres. Each earring has five opals - a gemstone that is viewed as a symbol of hope. The word opal comes from an ancient Indian word which translates into ''precious stone'', and later the Greek word ''opalus'', which means ''to see a change in colour''. The Hungarian opal is milky white, but you can still see a rainbow locked inside - the reason that opal jewellery is so highly sought after.

Clip on earrings were invented for women in the early 20th century because it was considered taboo to have pierced ears. This allowed women to still wear their favourite accessories without being considered social pariahs. It also meant that heavier stones and more ornate earrings could be worn without fear of damaging the ear lobes. Since their creation, clip on earrings have gone in and out of fashion. They were particularly popular with the flappers in the 1920's, and again with young women in the 1950's - who favoured pearl earrings that were placed close to the lobe.

Opal is the birthstone for October, which makes these silver clip on earrings the ideal present for someone with a birthday in that month, and, as no two opals are the same, it makes the gift utterly unique.

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