Rose Gold Modern Stud Earrings With Lapis Lazuli

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A modern pair of 9ct rose gold stud earrings set with lapis lazuli.

If you believe that gemstones hold particular properties, buying an item of jewellery can be a very interesting task. Buddhists believe that lapis lazuli has a very calming influence, and ancient Egyptians associated it with truth and justice. They would also use it to make signet rings and scarabs, believeing that it held magical powers of protection. While these gold lapis lazuli stud earrings are a beautiful example of modern jewellery, lapis lazuli beads, dating back to 7000 BC ,have been found in Pakistan,

The stone is ideal for carving, and over the years it has been shaped into amulets and jewellery. It has even been crushed into powder and used as eye shadow and paint! Lapis lazuli consists of a variety of minerals and therefore it is often referred to as a rock instead of a gemstone. One of its minerals is lazurite - this determines the shade of blue; the deeper the colour the more valuable it is considered to be! It is also composed of pyrite (fool's gold), and this gives the lapis lazuli its gold speckled look. It is regarded as a stone of royalty because of its brilliant blue colour.

Rose gold jewellery is considered to be romantic due to its pink hue, and, while it was most popular during Queen Victoria's reign, its popularity has seen a resurgence in modern times.

These gold stud earrings are crafted out of an intense blue lapis lazuli, and the pyrite shimmers in them like little stars. The ancient Egyptians would have had you believe that their energy would help you to find your voice and speak the truth - due to the ears' close proximity to the throat!

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