Gold Modern African Map And Elephant Charm

(ZAR - South African Rand)


18mm x 14mm



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An outline of the map of Africa in 9ct yellow gold with the silhouette of an elephant in the middle.

Charm bracelets today are worn predominantly as fashion accessories, but it was originally believed that they held magic powers, and were kept as protective amulets to ward off evil. Their history extends back to the Neolithic era, when hunters would carry their favourite good luck charm with them to ensure safety and success. Ancient Egyptians wore them for protection and as status symbols, and in Rome, Christians would wear charms, shaped like fish, as a mark of their religion.

Queen Victoria was responsible for many trends in jewellery, and she made charm bracelets fashionable during her time. World War 2 saw yet another revival in charm jewellery - as soldiers collected trinkets from the different countries that they served in, and gave them as gifts. Charms are sentimental and are given on significant milestones, or to mark an important or special occassion. A charm bracelet is kept for many years, and grows with the wearer as each new charm is added. It shows changing hobbies, emotions and experiences.

The elephant is a popular charm as it's believed to bring good luck. Hinduism is particularly responsible for this adulation, as Ganesh is portrayed with an elephant's head, and is known as the god of wisdom and success. This symbol is placed in the middle of Africa on this charm - significant because the African elephant is the world's largest land animal. This gentle giant is highly intelligent, and the icon is often used in African jewellery - where it stands for power and prosperity.

This 9ct gold African map charm with an elephant in the middle will make a special gift for family members - the elephant charm symbolises the incredibly strong, close lifelong relationships that elephants form in their herds.

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