Silver Chiming Mystic Ball Pendant

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A modern pendant. A silver chiming mystic ball. This mystic ball pendant is also known as a harmony ball, chiming sphere, or ''Ilamadores de angeles" (Spanish for ''angel callers"). Chiming spheres originate from Bali, Indonesia, where they have been given as gifts to pregnant women for hundreds of years - the pendants are said to help calm both the mother and her unborn child! Traditionally, the chiming sphere is small, silver and heart-shaped, and it hangs from a long cord so that it reaches down to the belly. They are always hollow, and have a brass ball inside that vibrates and chimes when the wearer moves. The chimes are believed to create a feeling of tranquility in those who wear it, because of the subtle yet noticeable sound.

According to doctors, babies can hear sounds in the womb from as early as 20 weeks, and that's why this silver chiming mystic ball pendant is a great accessory for a mother-to-be! The soothing chime relaxes the baby, who becomes accustomed to the sound. It is hoped that this will also help to give a feeling of comfort and security after birth - when a similar wind chime sound is played.

This harmony bell is beautifully crafted and ornately decorated with hearts. The heart motif was popularised during Queen Victoria's reign, and it signifies love, passion, commitment and devotion - all of which a new mother will be feeling towards her baby. This piece of modern jewellery has ancient origins, and makes the perfect gift for an expectant mother.

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