Wingee Watch With Lapis Lazuli

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28mm x 20mm


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An interesting lady's wrist watch signed ''Wingee'' with a stretchy strap and a face made from lapis lazuli. In working condition.

The thing that makes this Wingee watch so striking is its vibrant colour - the more intense the blue, the more valuable the stone! Lapis lazuli can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians - who believed that it had magical powers, and so they used it to make jewellery and protection amulets. Cleopatra loved the intense colour so much that she would grind it up to use as eye shadow! Artists in the Middle Ages also used it in powered form to achieve a brilliant blue colour. Lapis lazuli is composed of a large variety of minerals, hence it is often referred to as a rock rather than a gemstone. It is opaque, not very hard, and can vary in colour. One of its most appealing aspects is that it's speckled with pyrite, or fool's gold, and this makes it sparkle. At one point in history it was considered to be more valuable than gold, and these days it's often regarded as a stone of truth, balance and friendship. Buddhists believe that it has calming properties, and that it brings peace to the mind.Many people feel that wearing a piece of jewellery made from lapis lazuli is a good way to benefit from its energy and positive properties. Others will choose it because it's a well-preserved statement piece in a spectacular colour.

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