9ct Gold And Hair Victorian Mourning Ring

(ZAR - South African Rand)


Ring size: L. Size: 16mm x 8mm



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A most unusual Victorian mourning ring in 9ct gold. Plaited hair is visible through cut-outs right around the shank. Decorated with a leaf and tendril.

Victorian jewellery reflected the mood of the population and its influential queen. When she was in love, common themes were hearts, anchors and nature; but when she was in mourning, jewellery design became dark, dramatic and sombre. Queen Victoria had two passions: her husband, Prince Albert, and jewellery. After his death in 1861, she dressed only in black, and wore jewellery created from jet, onyx and black glass. She also popularised mourning jewellery and hair rings.

Today, people think twice about wearing jewellery containing the hair of a deceased loved one, but it was a common practice for thousands of years, gaining particular acceptance during the Georgian and Victorian periods. Hair from the deceased was kept in a locket or woven into a variety of items like necklaces, brooches, bracelets or earrings. These were then given to friends and family in commemoration. Hair jewellery developed into an elaborate art form during Queen Victoria's reign.

This 9ct gold and hair mourning ring is an excellent example of mourning jewellery. The plaited hair of a deceased loved one has been woven into a design that is clearly visible through the cut-out sections. The motif that dominates the ring is a leaf with curling tendrils that wrap around the shank, and this is a typical nature image from the late Georgian period. A Victorian mourning ring like this one would frequently be given as a sentimental gift, and it would be worn with some comfort, knowing that your loved one was always with you.

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