Rose Gold Victorian Heart Locket With A Pearl

(ZAR - South African Rand)


22mm x 17mm



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A choice Victorian heart locket in 9ct rose gold set with a pearl in the centre and a picture compartment at the back.

The heart is the most enduring symbol of love, and it was particularly popular during Queen Victoria's reign, when she fell madly in love with Prince Albert. The young queen was hugely influential, and her mood set the tone for jewellery design - which was feminine, delicate and sentimental during this romantic era.

Lockets have a long history. In ancient times they were apparently used to carry medicine!! But during Queen Victoria's times, they held messages from, or pictures of, a sweetheart. This gold Victorian heart locket has a special compartment at the back - where a treasured image would have been kept. The fact that the locket was worn under one's clothes - keeping the declarations of love secret - adds to its charm and allure! It hung from a chain and would rest on the skin, ensuring that whatever was hidden inside was always close to the heart.

Victorian Jewellery was typically made from rose gold. Discoveries around the world led to a surplus of the metal, which was made more affordable by mixing it with copper. This gave the gold its beautiful hue - which appealed to the romantic Victorians.

Jewellery very was symbolic, and pearls represented tears! Thus the pendant could also have been in memory of a deceased loved one. However, lovers would often give each other heart-shaped lockets decorated with pearls, and these were seen as tokens of affection.

The pearl is one of June's birthstones, therefore making this the ideal gift for a special June baby!


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