Silver Bracelet With Marcasite And Moonstones

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175mm x 13mm



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A dainty silver bracelet set with 3 cabochon moonstones and marcasite. Circa 1920.

In India it was believed that moonstones were solidified moonlight, and this ethereal and romantic illusion is part of the reason for their popularity. The moonstone is linked to motherhood, and is considered to be very feminine. It is also a common talisman for travellers - as it is believed that it brings protection on journeys.

The design of this moonstone bracelet is delicate and very ornate, with a strong influence from the Art Nouveau era. An organic theme is seen in the nature-inspired design - which is full of flowers and leaves (symbols that express love and friendship).There is an interesting Japanese influence in the use of the 3 cabochon stones, which have a convex top and are highly polished, but not faceted. Moonstones were a favoured gemstone after World War 1, as they were beautiful yet affordable.

During the 20's, there was an increase in both real and faux jewellery, with marcasite being particularly popular. Diamonds were considered too expensive, and so marcasite was the substitute that allowed ordinary women to wear something that sparkled like the real thing. Marcasite is a bit of a misnomer as it's a brittle mineral that is unsuitable for jewellery creation; the product that is actually used is called pyrite. The small stones are highly polished and are usually glued into silver jewellery - the contrasting colours give the piece a special vintage feel. Marcasite jewellery has been worn for centuries - from the time of the Incas until today.

This 1920's silver bracelet is a beautiful, wearable piece. The safety chain is an added feature that gives one peace of mind.

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