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Bulgari: Their Story

Welcome to the next blog in our ''Designer'' series - thoughts and facts about some of my favourite jewellers and brands, past and present!

Jewellery designers are the masterminds behind the elegant items that we all cherish and love! They conceptualize a design, decide on the materials, and choose the precious gems that they are going to use to adorn the piece. They are the stars of the jewellery world, and one name that is synonymous with sophisticated, classic design is Bulgari.

Bulgari has a long history, spanning almost 130 years. It was started in 1884 by a Greek silversmith called Sotiris Voulgaris. He moved from his Greek island home to Rome, and opened up a small store selling his silver wares. It is interesting to note that his surname is sometimes quoted as ''Bulgari'' instead of ''Voulgaris''.

In 1905, Bulgari and his two sons opened up a store in Via Condotti, Rome, which remains the flagship Bulgari store to this day. As the boys developed an interest in precious gems, jewellery making and watches, they slowly took control of the company, and began to move away from the more traditional styles of silver and gold work, and began creating more modern pieces. By the 1950's and 60's, the company became a favourite of Hollywood A-listers and other members of high society.

Bulgari in Rome

One of the biggest names known to have a love of Bulgari was jewellery-obsessed actress, Elizabeth Taylor. The star was known for her passion for jewellery and was a strong supporter of the brand. She was often seen wearing multiple pieces of Bulgari jewellery - all at the same time.

The Bulgari look is defined by its use of colourful precious stones like sapphires, chunky bold gold links and steel. Because their watch designs are so distinct and easily identified, they are often counterfeited, thus forcing the company to place unique serial numbers on them.


Bulgari is a timeless company that has stayed true to its roots, and is faithful to its aesthetics. It is no wonder then that this almost 130 year old brand is still as loved and adored as when it was first started.

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