Valentine's Day And Jewellery

2023/01/23 11:55:53Valentine's Day And Jewellery

Whether it's a simple piece of costume jewellery or a lavish diamond ring, jewellery is a timeless and meaningful way to express one's love and commitment on Valentine's Day.

July, the month of the ruby

2020/07/06 11:52:15July, the month of the ruby

Ruby is the gemstone for July and also represents the 40th wedding anniversary – on both the modern and traditional lists. It is one of the most expensive gemstones, and its price varies depending on the deepness of its colour.

May, the month of the emerald

2017/05/11 11:14:02May, the month of the emerald

The conventional birthstone for the month of May is the emerald - a magnificent green gemstone coveted the world over.

Vintage Watches

2015/04/12 21:08:54Vintage Watches

Wrist watches are one of the most popular accessories worn by both men and women around the world today, and vintage watches are incredibly popular choices when it comes to selecting a special timepiece.

Something old: vintage bridal jewellery

2014/08/04 15:24:55Something old: vintage bridal jewellery

With such a wide selection of vintage and antique bridal jewellery available, looking the part of the radiant bride is the easy bit ...

Silver Anniversary Gifts

2014/07/10 16:23:51Silver Anniversary Gifts

Spending a quarter of a century with the person that you love is something worth celebrating! 

Sweetheart collectibles - memorabilia of war

2014/02/14 12:50:16Sweetheart collectibles - memorabilia of war

During World War I and II, soldiers serving their country would send home gifts and letters in order to keep in touch with their loved ones. Today, these have become collector's items, and jewellery lovers are starting to appreciate them as sentimental treasures.

Gifts For The Royal Baby

2013/10/09 20:42:43Gifts For The Royal Baby

A royal baby is always global news and an exciting time! It comes as no surprise that most gifts given to royal babies are conservative, and probably better suited to the parents than the baby!

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