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July, the month of the ruby

The mineral ‘corundum’ makes up the ruby gemstone and it can vary in colour from pink to dark red. It gets its colour from a trace amount of chromium within the corundum, which is extremely hard aluminium oxide. A little amount of chromium will produce a pinky colour and the more chromium that there is, the deeper the red!

Ruby is the gemstone for July and also represents the 40th wedding anniversary – on both the modern and traditional lists. It is one of the most expensive gemstones, and its price varies depending on the deepness of its colour. The most valuable ruby known to man is The Sunrise Ruby, which is the world's most expensive coloured gemstone.

The Ruby

The name ruby comes from the Latin word ‘ruber’, which means red, and the gem is known as the stone of Divine creativity. During the times of the Bible, it was deemed to be a cherished gem and featured on the breastplate of the High Priest. It is also mentioned in the Quran – giving us a clue as to how long this stone has been worn and loved.

Rubies make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts because of their red colour - they have represented romantic love for thousands of years! They are known to nurture faithfulness and passion in relationships and to restore youth and vitality to the wearer. The red colour of fire ignites devotion and stimulates the heart chakra, and its vibrations echo the ultimate life force.


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