A Recipe For Cleaning Your Silver Smalls

2018/10/19 13:29:06A Recipe For Cleaning Your Silver Smalls

How to clean your silver

Silver Anniversary Gifts

2014/07/10 16:23:51Silver Anniversary Gifts

Spending a quarter of a century with the person that you love is something worth celebrating! 

Georg Jensen: A master of the craft

2014/03/13 13:26:02Georg Jensen: A master of the craft

Browsing through a Georg Jensen catalogue is like looking at glimpses of the world from different times and different periods of artistic influence and grandeur.

Bulgari: Their Story

2013/10/30 17:54:14Bulgari: Their Story

Bulgari is a timeless company that has stayed true to its roots, and is faithful to its aesthetics. The Bulgari look is defined by its use of colourful precious stones like sapphires, chunky bold gold links and steel.

Gifts For The Royal Baby

2013/10/09 20:42:43Gifts For The Royal Baby

A royal baby is always global news and an exciting time! It comes as no surprise that most gifts given to royal babies are conservative, and probably better suited to the parents than the baby!

Erich Frey

2013/08/30 13:39:41Erich Frey

Erich Frey was a German born goldsmith who was respected and admired by his peers. His work was unique and he proved to be an influential jeweller in his time.

2nd Anniversary Gifts

2013/08/14 21:07:232nd Anniversary Gifts

The traditional anniversary gift list suggests cotton for one's 2nd year anniversary. China is the modern alternative.

Tiffany & Co

2013/08/13 21:25:01Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co is possibly one of the most well-known names in jewellery design.

Paper Anniversary Gifts

2013/08/12 21:44:46Paper Anniversary Gifts

A first anniversary is one of the most significant milestones in a marriage. Paper is traditionally given on this anniversary as its interlocking fibres are believed to symbolise the strength of the relationship.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

2013/08/05 21:42:50Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Every anniversary is a significant and important milestone, and should be treated as such!

The Art Deco Era: Jewellery As Artistic Expression

2013/06/03 11:01:39The Art Deco Era: Jewellery As Artistic Expression

This visually captivating design style spanned several decades, and is remembered for its vivid use of colour and bold, strong lines.

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