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Chopard: A Tradition Of Excellence

Founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard at the tender age of 24, the house of Chopard has become synonymous with luxury and precision jewellery and watchmaking.

The Geneva-based fine jewellery company is known for its commitment to precision engineering, meticulous attention to detail and time-honoured family tradition. Chopard was bought by jeweller and watchmaker Karl Scheufele in 1963 and the Scheufele family remain at the helm of the company. Under Scheufele's stewardship, Chopard experienced phenomenal growth and it was his innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that shaped the brand into the luxury powerhouse that it is today.

Initially primarily a watchmaking company, a fine jewellery line was added in 1963. Chopard has since expanded its range of luxury goods to eyewear, fragrances, pens, keyrings, ties, handbags and small leather goods.


Perhaps the most iconic Chopard innovation is the Happy Diamonds Watch collection, introduced in 1976. This collection of watches introduced Chopard's signature design of a dial between two sapphire watch crystals, surrounded by diamonds in free play. In 1980, the Happy Diamonds design was extended to their jewellery range as well. The heart design set with free-moving diamonds is a trademark of this line. Vintage Chopard Happy Diamonds pieces are extremely desirable amongst collectors and those who appreciate outstanding quality and beauty.

In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Chopard presented the spectacular Animal World collection, which includes 150 unique animal-themed fine jewellery pieces. This charming range includes unusual designs such as a polar bear ring, peacock drop earrings, an extravagant fish necklace and a butterfly link bracelet.

Chopard has a long history with the film industry and its lavish designs can often be seen gracing the necks, wrists and fingers of A-list celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Marion Cotillard on the red carpet. In 1998, Chopard cemented this relationship with the silver screen by becoming the official partner to the Cannes International Film Festival.


In 2013, Hollywood once again came calling and Chopard was commissioned to recreate the jewellery worn by Princess Diana for the biopic 'Diana' starring Naomi Watts.

Chopard's unrivaled tradition of quality craftsmanship, show-stopping designs and commitment to sustainable jewellery and responsible mining make it one of the world's finest jewellery establishments.

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