by Amanda

Downton On The Up And Up

Downton Abbey has garnered a rather illustrious reputation for itself over the last 3 years. Since 2010, we have been glued to our screens on a weekly basis - not only to see the beautifully placed drama unfold, but also to see what everyone will be wearing next on this hit TV show!

The programme has created a fashion pop culture phenomenon, and has brought the roaring 20's, as well as Edwardian fashion, right into the forefront of everything stylish and fashionable - which in turn has given massive rise to all things historically vintage.

The popularity of the items showcased - from gloves, pearls, empire waisted dresses, hatpins, brooches and headpieces to hats, shrugs and almost everything Ralph Lauren - has sky rocketed since the debut of Downton. This has made way for a very interesting increase in ladlylike dressing, and discernment when accessorising and completing a look.

Lace and pearls

With the latest season opening at the beginning of the 20's, hem lines are shorter and dresses are less ornate. Art Deco and flapper influences are very strong, especially in the case of the three sisters - who have been donned the ultimate 'style stars' of the show. You can also see a significant homage brought forth toward Coco Chanel in her beaded evening gowns from the 20's.

Even though this show has captivated the world, it really does not seem to be the most obvious choice for a style revolution - and this may just be why it works! The seemingly obsolete epoch has turned half the world into turn-of-the-century experts, and brought back old world glamour, romance and style. Thankfully, the internet provides us with a plethora of options for our Downton inspired looks, but in order to find real gems (pun intended), rather go for pieces that are your own translation of the era - as opposed to sticking to authenticity. Susannah Buxton, the show's former costume designer, has herself said that a lot of the looks are merely renditions of this time (as opposed to historically correct).

Downton Abbey has shown us many things, but the most important of all has got to be that demure most certainly does not mean dull!

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