by Amanda

The Great Gatsby and Art Deco Design

I recently watched the latest version of the movie ''The Great Gatsby'', which is based on the book by the author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Besides the fact that my eyes felt all ''wonky'' from having to use 3D specs, it was a visual feast! This movie shows off the most wonderful stylish period in history - the 1920's.

The 20's was also the decade that one of the most prolific design and architecture periods was born: Art Deco. Think of sharp angles, chrome, gems and geometry - a very attractive, over-the-top style. This design period is recognised all over the world because of its unique and stylised aesthetic.

The exhibition that strongly promoted the Art Deco style was the ''EXPOSITION INTERNATIONALE des ARTS DECORATIFS ET INDUSTRIELS MODERNES'' which was held in Paris in 1925. There were exhibitors from all over the world showing off their latest design inspirations. This exhibition stressed the need for ''modern'' themes although there was still an influence of traditional design. The exhibition helped to firmly establish the Art Deco style.

The bright colours, sparkly jewellery, luxurious fashions and wealthy people that make up the world of ''The Great Gatsby'' are a perfect example of what the Art Deco period and the 1920's were all about. Spoil yourself to the movie and be enthralled by the stunning fashion, jewellery and décor of this very special era.

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