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Paper Anniversary Gifts

A first anniversary is one of the most significant milestones in a marriage - the couple has had time to adjust to each other, and it is a celebration of what is hopefully the first of many more years to come. The wedding is a recent memory, and therefore this special date is often a romantic and very personal celebration.

Anniversary gifts are not a recent concept, and they extend back to medieval Germany - when a married woman would receive a silver garland from friends on her 25th wedding anniversary, and a gold garland on her 50th. The beginnings of a more recent gift list was created by Emily Post in 1922, and this list was completed by the American National Retail Jewelers Association in 1937. The list recommends an appropriate anniversary gift per year up to the 15th year - and then for every 5th year after that. In keeping with customs, silver vintage jewellery is recommended for 25 years of marriage!

Paper is traditionally given on a first anniversary as its interlocking fibres are believed to symbolise the strength of the marriage. While some people might consider it to be boring, it is one of the most versatile presents, and allows for creativity. In addition, getting married is expensive - which is perhaps why the first few years of the traditional wedding gift list are associated with fairly inexpensive gift ideas.

There are many sentimental paper presents that one can give - like a scrapbook, or a calendar filled with all the pictures and mementos from the first year together. One might even tap into his/her creative side and write a poem or a love letter that can be framed. Alternatively, one can buy a book of poems, a love story, or the first edition of a favourite novel (and write a meaningful inscription inside). Beautiful photographs can be printed for frames, or enlarged to hang on a wall. Monogrammed stationary is a nice touch, or a personalised leather-bound journal - if either partner likes to write. One might look to the future and buy a big map for planning travels, or, if budget allows, an aeroplane ticket to a favourite destination - where a second honeymoon could be celebrated.

While it is not essential to stick to the traditional wedding anniversary gift list, it is important to do something special on this memorable date.

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