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2nd Anniversary Gifts

Every year that passes in a marriage is an important milestone, and should be celebrated - by giving gifts or simply by spending time together. The concept of anniversary gifts was originally a German custom and dates back to the Middle Ages - friends would give a married woman a silver wreath on her 25th anniversary, and a gold one to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

Today we have both traditional and modern anniversary gift lists which associate each year of marriage with a different gift. While the traditional list is still very popular, the modern list has evolved over time - reflecting the changing desires of society.

Traditional gifts for the early years of marriage are practical ones - useful for the newlyweds who are trying to establish their home. They are inexpensive and functional in order to help make married life a little easier. As the years pass, and the couple gets older and more settled, the gifts become more lavish and expensive.

Cotton is the recommended gift for a 2nd anniversary on the traditional list, and china is the modern alternative. Cotton was chosen because it is strong, flexible, versatile and durable, and these are all qualities that are important for a solid marriage. It is also associated with loyalty and prosperity. Although it might seem rather boring to many people, it allows for creativity and resourcefulness - eg. a cotton hammock would be an affordable gift that allows for relaxation and quality time together.

The modern alternative (china) is maybe an easier gift to find - tea sets, vases, teapots, decorative bowls, beautiful china jewellery or delicate figurines would all be acceptable presents.

Whether a couple follows the traditional list or the modern version, a second year anniversary definitely deserves some form of celebration!

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