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Vintage Watches

A watch does more than just tell the time and keep you punctual, it is a reflection of your personality! It is often one of the first things that gets noticed, and it can tell so much about a person without them having to say a word. Buying one is a long-term investment so it is important to purchase a quality timepiece that will last for many years. It will be worn every day and so it is essential to choose one that complements your style while proclaiming your individuality.

When the leap was made from clock to watch in the 16th century, these timepieces were pinned to clothes or attached to chains and worn like necklaces. The timepiece of choice for a gentleman was a pocket watch and during the 19th century, the wristlet was invented for women. The wristlet had its watch face attached to the wrist. This opinion changed swiftly during the First World War when it was discovered that the wristlet was a far more efficient way to tell the time!

While there have certainly been advancements in watch technology, the essential mechanisms have remained the same. This means that a genuine vintage watch should work just as efficiently as a contemporary one. Many watches today boast a huge range of features that are impressive but irrelevant in helping to tell the time.

Vintage watches are incredibly popular choices when it comes to selecting a timepiece, and one of the biggest reasons for this is that they are unique. Many watches today are mass produced and ultimately look alike, but with a vintage watch, the chances are small that you will find someone else wearing the same watch as you!

Contemporary watches frequently copy classic designs but why choose a modern watch in an old style when you can buy the genuine article? Vintage watches are great collectors' items but need to be looked after carefully because of their age. Their historical value is part of their charm! To make your vintage watch a little more special, look for one that was made in the year that you were born, and if it is a gift then engrave it with a special message.

There is no time like the present so find the perfect vintage watch!

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