by Amanda

1980's Jewellery: Bright, bold and chunky

The 1980's - a fashion decade few will ever forget! Those who weren't around to witness the loud colours, distinct styles and multitude of trends will, nevertheless, still be able to identify what 80's fashion was all about. Trends were strong, unabashed, distinct and defined by a number of cultural influences. The same can be said about the jewellery trends of the time: loud garish bracelets, opulent pearl chokers and the strong, unafraid use of colour. Jewellery was something people used to define themselves, to create an identity, and to associate with one of the fashion 'tribes' around at the time - 'punk', 'valley girl' or 'new romantic'.

The word to define 80's jewellery is 'BIG'. Actually, this word can be used to describe the whole decade. Jewellery was big, loud, proud and all about making a statement!

The most recognized piece of jewellery from the 80's is most definitely the bangle. From chunky perspex pieces to tiny jelly bracelets worn in abundance, the bangle was the star of this era. Celebrities like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were fans, and were hardly seen without a mix of every type of bangle and bracelet available.

Since size mattered so much, massive earrings were a hit. Large neon hoops, pearl encrusted studs or garish gold clip-on's were all the rage, and graced the ears of any and all fashionistas of the time. The popularity of the clip-on can be credited to the sole fact that the styles were far too big and heavy to be worn as normal studs.

As in any era, fashions were dictated largely by people in the limelight - celebrities with influential style and talent. They were inspired to create their own loud designs, which still influence the trends of today!

Stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Princess Diana and the cast of Dynasty and Dallas all made style choices which started jewellery revolutions. Dallas with its garish gold and pearl accessories, Princess Diana with her never-forgotten pearl chokers and Madonna with her penchant for jelly bangles...


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