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Lea Stein Brooches

French artist Lea Stein is famous for her celluloid jewellery - in particular her brooches, buttons and bracelets. She is a modern and innovative designer of plastic jewellery and her accessories are collectors' items. She began making jewellery in the late 60's after her husband developed a rhodoid lamination technique that combined multiple layers with unusual textures and colours. This unique process gave her jewellery the distinctive look - for which she is famous!

Lea Stein brooches fall into two periods: vintage (1969 - 1981) and modern (1991 - present). They bear a resemblance to the Art Deco style and are recognisable because of the trademark v-shaped clasp on the back of the brooch.

No two pieces of Lea Stein jewellery are alike - guaranteeing an original creation with an interesting design every time!

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