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Relive the silver screen: Marilyn Monroe

Welcome to the next blog in our ''Relive The Silver Screen'' series - where we help you recreate some of the most classic, well-known outfits worn by some of the most beautiful women on the silver screen.

The 50's was a paradoxical time, strewn with infinite glamour and sexual innuendos - thrown against the backdrop of a post World War II environment. It was a period of opulence and conservatism which turned out to be the perfect recipe for some of the most influential design and fashion styles of all time!

When you think 50's, your thoughts will no doubt conjure up images of the iconic Marilyn Monroe. With her classic style, she made her mark on this era, and controversy immortalised her status as an unforgettable screen siren.

Marilyn was known not just for her on-screen antics, but also for her fashion and taste in accessories - which were the crest of the 50's zeitgeist. She was a trend setter and a style icon that sent the public into a frenzy every time she graced the red carpet or stepped out onto the street.

Here's how to recreate her most famous look with a mix of vintage and modern pieces:

The secret to any era-specific image lies, quite simply, in the details. To achieve Monroe's timeless look, you need a little white dress to use as the foundation - there is nothing more effective than simplicity itself! Monroe's LWD (little white dress) is regarded as an icon of film history, and the image of her in the white dress standing above a subway grating has been described as one of the iconic images of the 20th century.

Marilyn Monroe

To individualise the look, as well as to embody the 50's, wear the dress with a pair of earrings like these - there are very few things that embody sophistication like garnets and diamonds!

Add to your look with an ever ''so Marilyn'' cuff. A bracelet such as this one proves that even if they're not real, diamonds are still a girl's best friend!

Throw on a refined pair of heels in order to complete the look. This is the perfect way to stay era specific and to create a stylish, elongated silhouette.

Silver Heels

Remember that accessories have the power to make or break even the strongest of looks, and no-one knows you better than you know yourself! Make sure that all of the pieces that you choose are not just pretty but that they are also extensions of your personality and projections of who you are!

Marilyn Monroe has been called one of Hollywood's most talented stars, and although she was heralded as a sex symbol more than a style icon, she was still a major trendsetter, and certainly left a lasting impression.

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