by Amanda

Thinking Back ...

I recently met someone who was wanting to sell her mother's costume jewellery collection.

This lady was a most ''avaricious'' jewellery shopper in the 1950's.

She would have a certain chosen day of the week, get all dressed up, (including hat and gloves) and catch a bus into the city centre.

There was a fashion jewellery/ accessory shop that was owned by an acquaintance of hers.

Over several cups of tea and chatting, she would buy many items of jewellery including necklaces, brooches, earrings and multiple ''sets'' in all colours of the rainbow, very often duplicated!!

Apparently she never even got to wear all of her purchases - which was fortunate for me to still be able to purchase them with their original price tickets on!!

What fun she must have had and what a ''cheap'' adventure it was for her at that time - costume jewellery was so affordable then!

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